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Wolves V Aldershot 1986 – 87 4th Division Play-off Final: A [22/5/87] H [25/5/87]

Discussion in 'Molineux Mix memories' started by Vietnam Wolf, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Frank Lincoln

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    Aug 8, 2012
    I went to the Scarborough game, and I have never been so ashamed of being a Wolves fans. Yes there were plenty of Leeds hooligans there looking for trouble, but many Wolves fans had been in Scarborogh since the Friday afternoon, and had been drinking heavily. The real blame though lies with the fixture list compilers. First ever league game for Scarborough, and they are at home to the Wolves whose away support often outnumbered home fans in division four.
  2. Uncle Festa

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    Jul 3, 2005
    Can't remember a thing a bout the Aldershot home game except being on the SouthBank (right side) at 1.00pm with a bag full of beer which we just walked in with and sat down drinking to make sure we got a decent place high up the terrace. Before and during the game, the coppers came wading in to that area with battens flying and there was a lot of trouble. One of my mates had enough at half time and left the ground. When we found him back in the local he was sporting two black eyes. He had tried to get out the ground where the Wolves fans had congregated down the bottom to try and get at the Aldershot fans. One of them turned to him and asked him if he was joining in, to which he declined. Next second he was pole axed, lying on the floor looking up at a fan, who pointed down at him declaring that it was people like him who gave Wolves a bad name. . The coppers lost control outside after the game, and saw some of the worse violence I've witnessed at home, from both Wolves fans, but predominantly the Police. One particular horse mounted copper was just riding through hitting anyone in sight till one of my mates managed to grab him off his horse and knock the **** out of him with his own truncheon together with a mob who really laid into him. We were just totally shocked at the result. We felt like we were unbeatable at the time but just had an off day with Lange also being magnificent in goal for them which resulted in us buying him.

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