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Maddest night of Football ever from a Liverpool supporter.

Discussion in '1970's' started by chester, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. chester

    chester Newbie

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    Feb 15, 2018
    In 1976 Liverpool needed to avoid defeat at Wolves to win the league. 1-0 down with 15 mins to go we win 3-1. As a Red this was the maddest night of football I have ever witnessed including our first ever European Cup or our two FA Cup Derby wins. The whole night was crazy, I never paid to get in and there seemed to be about 40 thousand reds inside including hundreds on roofs and floodlights. My biggest memory however is rather weird and to this day I have not been able to find anyone in Liverpool to verify it. About 10 minutes before the match started a big skinhead ran from the Wolves end (Why ?) towards the massive end we were in (again why ?) and began taunting us. Unbeknowingly (??) to him a scouser jumps out of the left side of the ground and runs up behind the skinhead, we are all watching and cheering. He hits the skin, the skin hits the deck and he runs into our end to loud cheers. I would like to ask you older Wolves supporters.
    What are your memories of this night ?
    Does anyone remember this particular incident or I am just remembering something that I wished had happened. ?
    And finally, would the skinhead in question, and this is a very long shot, stand up and say, ' I was that skinhead.'
    Thanks for letting me join your site and for sharing my memories and if anyone wants to hear any more of my memories of that night I am glad to share. Cheers.
  2. Tomcat

    Tomcat Newbie

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    Feb 2, 2018
    I was in the north bank that night. As I remember we started queuing about 4.30 & got in when the gates opened about 6pm. The ground was rammed about an hour before kick-off. Atmosphere was fantastic. I've never seen the south bank so full probably all liverpool fans. We had to win & bham had to lose for us to stay up. Liverpool had to win or draw or QPR would win the league. There were some QPR fans in the north bank who were made very unwelcome. At half time we were winning & bham losing so the great escape was on. As Chester said we caved in the last 15 mins & the reds won the league. Bham got a draw anyway & we went down. Plenty of us stayed in the north bank after the match to give the scousers who had invaded the pitch some stick. Memorable match though!
    I was not the skinhead!
  3. highlandwolf

    highlandwolf Senior Member

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    Feb 19, 2012
    We were pretty dire that season so no complaints about getting relegated. Don’t remember the incident referred to, but as the North Bank was rammed didn’t see much of the match anyway. I think due to injuries we had a scratch back four, with Mike Bailey and Geoff Palmer as centre halves? No wonder we lost.

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