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14 Denmark Wolves : Denmark

Discussion in 'Supporters Clubs' started by Berlin Wolf, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Berlin Wolf

    Berlin Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Feb 3, 2009
    FOUNDED 2009
    CLUB MEMBERS : 189
    CONTACTS : Christian Wiese Svanberg, Carsten Fog Hansen
    WEBSITE : No
    FACEBOOK : Danske fans af Wolverhampton Wanderers
    FANZINE : No
    UPDATED : 01.02.2019

    Denmark Wolves Worldwide Wolves Official Supporters Club Branch

    Club Focus


    Denmark Wolves Facebook, Danske fans af Wolverhampton Wanderers, is the focal point for Wolves support in Copenhagen and across the Nordic country of Denmark.
    Group Discussion covering all things Wolves, is conducted mainly in Danish (with English Translation) by the enthusiastic Club Membership of mostly Danes.

    Description : En gruppe for danske fans af den engelske fodboldklub Wolverhampton Wanderers.
    Translation : A group of Danish fans of the English football club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    Description : Skriv til os, hvis du er Wolves fan, og gerne vil være med i gruppen :)
    Translation : Write to us if you are Wolves fan and would like to join the group :)

    08.01.2019 : Branch Chairman Christian Wiese Svanberg - Danske fans af Wolverhampton Wanderers Facebook
    Description : Kære alle, Den officielle danske Wolves fanklub er født: "Denmark Wolves".
    Translation : Dear all, The Official Danish Wolves Fan Club is born: "Denmark Wolves".


    Wolves matches LIVE in Copenhagen
    Copenhagen based members meet for Wolves televised matches @ The Globe Irish Pub in 1165 København K
    Website : The Globe Irish Pub København

    Wolves LIVE @ The Globe - Premier League 2018/19
    Check ALL UPCOMING EVENTS @ THE GLOBE and Club Facebook Group Discussion..

    Christmas Meet
    04.12.2017 : Birmingham City v Wolves LIVE @ The Globe
    Description : Jule- og ulvehygge på The Globe til Birmingham - Wolves mandag d.4 december.
    Kom og få en fantastisk start på ugen og julen.
    Kl. 18 starter vi med en slags julefrokost med det bedste fra pubmenuen.
    Ingen tilmelding kræves, men meld endelig ind, hvis I spiser med eller bare kommer til kampen.
    Translation : Christmas and Wolf cosiness at The Globe to Birmingham - Wolves. Monday, 4th December.
    Come and get a great start to the week and Christmas.
    At 18:00 we start with some kind of Christmas party with the best of the pub menu.
    No Sign-up is required, but please come in, if you eat with us or just come to the game.

    Danish based fans sometimes arrange Group travel to Wolves matches in England.
    Contact : Verner Bager - see the Club Facebook Group for match and travel details.
    Last Match : Wolves v Aston Villa @ Molineux - 14th October 2017

    Danske Wolves have seldom seen flags attributed to them.
    Three of them can be seen in the Gallery below..


    Danske Wolves Fan Club - Denmark Wolves
    The vast majority of members are based in Denmark.
    Prospective members : Please Join via the club Facebook Group

    Branch Chairman : Christian Wiese Svanberg
    Facebook Admin & Founder : Carsten Fog Hansen


    Group Discussion is managed on a regular basis by Carsten Fog Hansen.
    Admins 10 : Founder Member Carsten Fog Hansen + 9 Members
    Carsten created the Group on 28th June 2009

    Denmark Wolves Founded 28th June 2009


    15.04.2018 : Danske Wolves members celebrate - Globe Irish Pub @ Wolves 2 Birmingham City 0

    15.04.2018 : Wolves team celebrate promotion - Globe Irish Pub TV @ Wolves 2 Birmingham City 0
    06.04.2018 : Danske Wolves members - Stemningen er høj på Globen @ Cardiff City 0 Wolves 1
    Danske Wolves members and WOLVERHAMPTON flag : Hanging from a garage roof in Denmark
    Martin Petersen : A Blast From The Past. I forgot about this lying around. It won't be more old school.
    25.11.2018 : The Young Wolves from Denmark - Pre Wolves v Huddersfield / 24.11.2018 : The Leader of the Wolf Pack & Danish Wolf
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    21.12.2018 : Per Dyrholm @ Molineux for Wolves v Liverpool & Fulham v Wolves on Boxing Day : Match Ticket posted on DW FB by Bjorn Westergaard
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Danske Wolves logo AND a rarely seen flag hung up @ Molineux : WOLVES AY WE flag @molineux man

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Berlin Wolf

    Berlin Wolf Just doesn't shut up

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Please message Berlin Wolf, if any information needs to be updated, thanks.

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