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May 21, 2018 at 10:41 PM
Jul 14, 2005
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Just doesn't shut up

Rhoswolf was last seen:
May 21, 2018 at 10:41 PM
    1. itsmee
      Where are you travelling from on saturday
      We are going from Cardiff
    2. WolfinIreland
      Hi, i was wondering if you still have you supporters number for the Newcastle game? Not 100% sure how to write in private message so writing on here.
    3. Edgmond Wolf
      Edgmond Wolf
      Hi Rhos
      Sorry just got home and saw your message!
      At least we got a point
    4. wolfinstafford
      It's taken me a while to get back to you but I know who Robbie Mullen is. A bloke I work with "Dave Moseley" was a big Rangers fan but use to go to the odd Wolves game with Robbie said it usually eneded in a punch up. I've seen Robbie in Magees a few times but not this season. Where do you normally go for a beer ?
    5. Rhoswolf
      Indeed he has, don't recognise the other names but that's not unusual! Used to be a healthy Wolves support back in the day with a few "likely" lads|! Used to go with Rocky, Waddy, Robbie Mullen et al, if you recognise the names you probably know who I am!
    6. wolfinstafford
      I think i know Alan, has he got a beard. You might know Ian Nairn sit's in the North Bank, he might even sit with Alan. A couple more you might know from Stafford Les Taylor & Liam Kiteley ? Two regulars at away games.
    7. wolfinstafford
      Been reading some of your post's. I take it you use to live in stafford. Do you still go the games with anyone from Stafford or have you lost contact ?
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