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New Profile Posts

  1. JasonWWFC
  2. The Fat Bloke
    The Fat Bloke
    If you get my voicemail please leave a message & i will get back to you. If i dont get back to you, then i dont like you!
  3. Poole Wolf
  4. ShropshireLad
    I might be an old(ish) geezer but I do act at least half my age.
  5. steve vena
    steve vena Akaman
    Cod mostly, don't get lots of of time to play but resident evil 7 is on the go . God it's nasty lol.
    Tomb raider is also brilliant.
    Limbo is a great game if you've never tried it.
    Love survival horror like dead space.
    Can't wait for red dead2 to come out. What a great game that is.
  6. steve vena
    steve vena Akaman
    Hi mate. I'm 52 years old and I've been a gamer since the blip tennis days and a spectrum lol. I was 14 ish then.
    Still love it as much as I did in 1978. Just got a ps4 now bit of cod, skyrim etc. It's relaxation time for me. Championship manager was my fave once too. Took over my life lol.
    I've added you to follow, hope you don't wishes Steve .
    1. Akaman
      Nah that's cool. I'm assuming it came from my avatar?! It's actually up as a homage to our new boss 'Super' NES rather than Nintendo's 16 bit retro beast, I did have one though and have an emulator somewhere! I spend FAR too much time gaming! Whether it's PS4 or boom beach on my phone! Had a few years loving COD and Skyrim took over for a while. Do like my rpgs, what you playing atm? Ash
      Aug 27, 2017
      steve vena likes this.
  7. WS10Wolf
  8. Bennie Dingle
    Bennie Dingle bod101
    Are you safe in Houston now?
  9. WS10Wolf
  10. Nigel Wallis
    Nigel Wallis KarlosThe9TH
    Thank you for coming back to me
  11. Nigel Wallis
    Nigel Wallis KarlosThe9TH
    Good Morning Karlos would you still have your ticket available for sale for the Brentford game on Saturday ?
    look forward to hearing back soon
    1. KarlosThe9TH
      Morning mate, i have sold it already I'm afraid, posted it this morning recorded delivery, might be worth checking with other posters this week as something may pop up hopefully for you.
      Aug 21, 2017
  12. Only1Deano
    Only1Deano Ebbo
    Hiya mate, I've got a ticket I need to shift for Brentford away. Are you still looking for one for your lad?
    1. Ebbo
      Sorry for the slow response mate we were travelling back from holiday. Managed to get one for him in the end, but really appreciate your message.
      Aug 18, 2017
  13. WS10Wolf
  14. toytown wolf
    toytown wolf
    Ruben, Ruben Neves! Everyone knows his name!
  15. Adam Wright
    Adam Wright Skrilla
    Hi could you suggest an overseas payment method I can sign up to and use for tonight please
    1. Skrilla
      You don't need an overseas payment bud, just a VPN. I personally use 'SetupVPN' which is a free extension available through the Google Chrome browser.
      Aug 15, 2017
  16. Adam Wright
    Adam Wright andyc225
    Hi Andy, ,can you suggest a overseas bank payment I can sign up for and use for tonight please?
  17. Poole Wolf
  18. Poole Wolf
  19. Lupo
    Lupo freezin
    Having read the Sammy Clingan thread today, I'd like you to start a Sci-Fi Players Names thread to add some happiness to the mix at the moment!
  20. ConWWFC
  21. Aware Wolf
    Aware Wolf PumpKing
    Hi Paul

    I can't work out how to send you a private message, had a look all over the page. Could be because I have a new account(?).

    If you know how to, please send me one!

    1. PumpKing
      Hi Carl

      Well here goes ;

      I think if you click on the little head and shoulders emblem which should be top right hand side of menu page. That brings up your profile page.
      Click on conversations, then click on Start a New Conversation.
      Fill in Pumpking in participants, type in a title e.g. "Message" and then type your message in the area below..
      Aug 4, 2017
    2. PumpKing
      I'll send you a message to reply to if it's easier for now.
      Aug 4, 2017
  22. Death Owl
    Death Owl PumpKing
    Hi Paul, I will attend at 2pm Thurs. My name is Mark Vickerstaff.
    1. PumpKing likes this.
    2. PumpKing
      Thanks Mark,
      That's great, I was waiting for your confirmation.
      Look forward to see you 2pmThursday.

      I've been in there since Monday doing the lettering layout ready, and I think it will look pretty good.
      They are going to send a photo to Carl showing how much support he has.

      Please keep what we are doing quiet until the club announces it if you would.

      Thanks again.
      Regards Paul.
      Aug 1, 2017
  23. itsmee
    itsmee Rhoswolf
    Where are you travelling from on saturday
    We are going from Cardiff
  24. reanswolf
    reanswolf merseawolf
    Tell me your address bud, I'll post it 1st class tomorrow.
    1. merseawolf
      John Blackmore
      10 Richmond Road
      West Mersea
      CO5 8PS

      Still waiting for the old git to answer his phone!
      Happy to pay what you want for it.
      Jul 27, 2017
  25. John Richards 1974
    John Richards 1974
    Richards for England!
  26. BampyO
    Supporting the Wolves is never dull........
  27. Ned Stark
    Ned Stark el gringo
    hi I finally signed up haha after all these years...
    1. el gringo
      el gringo
      oh, dear ; )
      Jul 16, 2017
  28. Pengwern
    Pengwern PumpKing
    Here is the flag design I submitted. I remember saying I thought there were better pics of dancers and that placing this image more centrally was what I wanted to do but lacked the tech skill to do that:

    Aghhh! I can't attach the world file - no instructions on this website to tell me how. Basically, it read 'Dance wIth Wolves!'

    If you chase this up for me, I would be grateful
    1. PumpKing
      Happy chase this for you, I'm working closely with the club to encourage fans own stuff in the South Bank, so the more the better.
      I'll check with them to see if they've had your Dance with Wolves one. I'd send it in again to them if I were you and I'll tell them to look out for it. If you know others wanting their own flags done, now is the time.
      The club are very keen to help.
      Jul 13, 2017
  29. Glastowolf
    Keepin the gold flag flying high!
  30. TheRetroChief
    TheRetroChief Akaman
    Loving the Avatar chief. I'm a big SNES and Megadrive fan
    1. Akaman
      To be honest so am I (I still have 2 megadrives), avatar was more in homage to our new head coach though, the Super N.E.S. (maybe a bit presumptuous but you have to get behind him!)

      Some SNES games I'd love to get back on though to be honest!
      Jul 9, 2017
    2. TheRetroChief
      I've got nearly 200 boxed SNES games I've collected over the years and at least 250 on the MD. Used to have a huge collection of consoles and games...sold a lot of it now, but never getting rid of my two prized collections!
      Jul 9, 2017
    3. TheRetroChief
      Yes. I am a nerd.
      Jul 9, 2017
  31. maws
    He's like Matt Murray, without the dodgy knee. Ikeme whoaa Ikeme
    1. The Radiator likes this.
  32. AndyWolves
    AndyWolves PumpKing

    Newbie poster here, there is a charity setup to combat blood cancers who can find matches. They're at - can you spread the word?
    1. PumpKing likes this.
    2. PumpKing
      Happy to do anything to help a really great idea like this. I'll mention this to the folk I deal with at the club.
      Jul 6, 2017
  33. SheldonWolf
    SheldonWolf Womble_wwfc
    Is this Steve Womble, AKA Lesley Creswell's carer?!?!?
  34. Jules Crow
    Jules Crow
    St Neots Wolf
  35. dennison11
    Yep. Another Wolves Fan
  36. Plymouth Wolf
    Plymouth Wolf Rightside Boy
    Hi Sid. Hope you are well. Fancy Boro or Cardiff in August or are you on holiday?
    1. Rightside Boy
      Rightside Boy
      Up for the Boro game mate, on holiday next week off to Lanzarote 2 weeks.
      Jun 30, 2017
  37. Wolf of Winslow
    Wolf of Winslow
    I saw Neil Masters play... touch me
  38. Whitewolf
    Door to Door
  39. Mandarin Yam Yam
    Mandarin Yam Yam
    'Nuno Santo' certainly has a more exotic sound about it than Paul Lambert or Kevin Thelwell
  40. D wolf89
    D wolf89
    Strength is in the pack