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New Profile Posts

  1. 3wolves
    3wolves thewiseone
    Hi, is the Bournemouth ticket still available, I am heading there tomorrow in the hope of finding one. Gordon
  2. MunichWolf
    MunichWolf thewiseone
    Hi mate, moderator is checking my reply but I am interested in your Bmouth away ticket
    1. thewiseone
      Sorry mate, it has gone
      Feb 22, 2019 at 11:42 AM
  3. MunichWolf
    MunichWolf northbank1967
    Hello mate, I saw on the forums you could possibly help members out with tickets? I’m a bit nervous sitting on 190points as I am flying over from Germany because was originally going to be going to the Arsenal game. Would be the ultimate shame if I get all that way and then don’t have a ticket
  4. Jayheadington91
    Jayheadington91 WS10Wolf
    Hi there, I’d be interested in the spare ticket. I live 5 minutes from the ground so I can pick up wherever is easiest
  5. WotW
    WotW bod101
    How do I get my old log in? I have requested forgot password but get nothing back. I was WolfoftheWrekin now WotW just so I can get on the mix?
  6. Moira Stewart
    Moira Stewart
    Whizzing in a hotel kettle
  7. mark o'brien
    mark o'brien Peter Evans
    Hi do you still need 1 for Huddersfield- I now have a spare
  8. wolf in yorkshire 73
    wolf in yorkshire 73 Wylde Green Wolf
    Do you have a ticket for Huddersfield still mate ?
  9. cookey
    cookey Kashmire Hawker
    Glad got one KH, i only offer to people i know, see you there Cookey
    1. Kashmire Hawker likes this.
  10. cookey
    cookey Kashmire Hawker
    Hi Kashmire just checking you got a Huddersfield ticket as you helped us out with the flag putting-out last time & my mate ain't going - cheers Cookey
    1. Kashmire Hawker
      Kashmire Hawker
      Hi Cooley - hope your well; an old School mate got me one over the weekend and I should be getting it through in the next week or so. Huge thanks for the offer though, one of which I appreciate
      Feb 6, 2019
  11. wolf in yorkshire 73
    wolf in yorkshire 73 ShifnalWolf
    Hi -I’m interested in the 60+ ticket for Huddersfield .
  12. mark o'brien
    mark o'brien WTF_Wolf
    Hi I would love 1 ticket for Huddersfield. Got 1030 loyalty points so don’t think they will reach me. If you could help me out that would be great
  13. mark o'brien
    mark o'brien MobNet Wolf
    Hi is there any chance I could use your supporter number to get a ticket for Huddersfield - I don’t think I will have enough
  14. mark o'brien
    mark o'brien WTF_Wolf
    Could I take one ticket off your hands for Huddersfield please?
  15. wolf in yorkshire 73
    wolf in yorkshire 73 bigwolf
    I need 2 tickets for Huddersfield away mate if they still available ?
  16. AlwaysAwolf
    AlwaysAwolf Urko
    Hi there, have you still got the Shrewsbury ticket available?
  17. mark o'brien
    mark o'brien bigwolf
    Hi it would be great if I could take one of you tickets. I have 1030 loyalty points so don’t think I’ll be able to buy one for Huddersfield
  18. vini69
    vini69 Very Proud (AKA Still Proud)
    Do you have a link for a stream. All my usual BEIN sites not working. thanks
  19. Sanewolf
    Sanewolf Glow69
    Hi mate,

    Saw your post on the Huddersfield thread, if you don't use those supporters numbers you mentioned for the Huddersfield game would I be able to borrow them?
  20. Wylde Green Wolf
    Wylde Green Wolf northnorfolkwolf
    Hi mate. Are you still looking for a Man City ticket? Not sure if you saw my response to your post but I'm unlikely to be able to go. Cheers, John
  21. 3wolves
    3wolves Torquay wolves
    My brother can't make it so I have a £30 ticket for Spurs but in block 130 not in the Wolves end. I am Wolves fan travelling from Bristol so could meet up at Wembley if you are interested. I think it's in a neutral part of the ground but we may have to hide colours.
  22. Wylde Green Wolf
    Wylde Green Wolf WolvesAreBoringOnCeefax
    Hello. Howsen Wolves tells me that you might be interested in a man city ticket. Let me know if that's the case. cheers, john
  23. Kashmire Hawker
    Kashmire Hawker
    The Mix’s Resident Steward!
  24. WolfTamer84
    Match day ay it
  25. Dazwolves66
    Dazwolves66 ASB
    Many Thanks but I’ve managed to sort another ticket out cheers
  26. ASB
    ASB Dazwolves66
    Hi, I've got an adult ticket available in the South Bank for Bournemouth today. Happy to take £15 if you can collect from Derby?

    Thanks, Andy
  27. Dazwolves66
    Dazwolves66 bigwolf
    Hi mate.

    If Bournemouth Tkt still available please contact me
    Meet you or can collect if Possible

    Cheers Daz

    edit. removed phone number please contact via pm.
  28. Oxford_Wolf
    Oxford_Wolf Dewsburywolf
    Hey Dewsbury, You may remember that you sorted me out with a ticket for Liverpool away on Boxing Day, many moons ago. Do you have any spare tickets going for Spurs away on 29th? It's my closest away game. Ben
  29. Morgan24
    Morgan24 Jonzy54
    Hi mate can you message me please?
  30. Brian Lockwood
    Brian Lockwood Chris H
    Getting a bit worried now Chris looks like we have been found out not sure if two in midfield is working. I still think letting Douglas go was a mistake as well
    1. Chris H
      Chris H
      Not sure the formation is an issue as much as confidence is. Don’t think any formation would have helped Friday as confidence seemed a massive problem. It’s not so much the 2 in midfield being over run as being isolated by us not being as compact as we had been in my opinion.
      Dec 2, 2018
    2. Chris H
      Chris H
      I know what you mean with Douglas but Jonny has been good and Vinagre, whilst not quite there yet, looks like a player who has bags of potential.
      If we can get something against Chelsea, which isn’t beyond us the way we’ve played against the top teams, hopefully it’ll give us a platform to rebuild and go again from.
      Dec 2, 2018
  31. SuperMoCamara
    SuperMoCamara Narfolk Wolf
    Hi, is your Cardiff ticket still available? I'll take it if so!
  32. MunichWolf
    MunichWolf Munich_Wolf
    Hey mate, finally I have been able to track down a wolves supporter in Munich. Are you interested in meeting up somewhere on Sunday to watch the match?
  33. Ironfistedmonk
    Ironfistedmonk kennyB
    Yeah drop me your e-mail and I'll send them over this weekend
    1. kennyB
      Many thanks
      Nov 16, 2018
  34. wakeywolf
    Steve Stout would have been class in a 5
  35. Ironfistedmonk
    Ironfistedmonk kennyB
    I have all of the wartime line ups from the Tony Matthews book on an Excel spreadsheet if you want me to send them to you? I can't vouch for the accuracy of them as I have another book called Soccer at War which lists appearance and goals scored for each season and the figures don't match up.
    1. kennyB
      Thank you, I would appreciate that. I can let you have my email address if that would make it easier for you.
      Nov 15, 2018
  36. WolfInSheep'sClothing
  37. Tom
    Tom ShifnalWolf
    Hello mate. I don’t know what you decided about the Cardiff game, but I am looking for 3 tickets together - ideally an adult and 2 U21s but would take 3 adults if necessary. I could transfer you the money and we could meet at Huddersfield game to exchange?
  38. Downsouthwolf
    Supporting Wolves since 1973 when my mother gave me an old 2nd hand football top which looked similar to Wolves in a Rothmans football book.
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  39. Brian Lockwood
    Brian Lockwood Chris H
    Are you the Chris H that used to be on the Wolves F C site With Wayne and everyones friend Ron.
    1. Chris H
      Chris H
      Hi Brian, yes I am. I take it you're Brian L off their I assume?

      I started to get fed up of the slagging match between Wayne and Ron and started coming on here, I found after a while I was using it less and less and gave up with it in the end unfortunately. Are you still on there?
      Nov 6, 2018
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    2. Brian Lockwood
      Brian Lockwood
      Yes Chris I go on occasionally Ron has found someone else to argue with Gaz W. I just sit back and laugh at them both. Does Wayne come here at all or have we lost him altogether ? Let’s hope we can get a result on Sunday.
      Nov 9, 2018
    3. Chris H
      Chris H
      I’m not sure about Wayne, he did say he was on here, not sure what name he’d be under though.
      If he is, I’d imagine he’d have to be more careful about what he says though as Wolves hierarchy read through this forum apparently.
      Nov 11, 2018
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  40. John de Wolf's hairdryer
    John de Wolf's hairdryer
    THESE are the days, my friends; please God, they never end (and) we sing and dance for ever and a day.