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New Profile Posts

  1. FastWolf
    FastWolf Wednesburywolves
    can you call me on 07809630115 please, cheers pal
  2. FastWolf
    FastWolf Wednesburywolves
    Can I buy the Preston ticket if it’s still available please
  3. Charlie176
    It was the best of times it was the worst of times
  4. northbankgeneral
    I never got a free Pie and a Pint, but then I never had a Baggie in my seat!
  5. howlin wolf
    howlin wolf
    Hanging in there.
  6. Lisas Husband
    Lisas Husband
    Bacon......That is all.
  7. Zuluwolf
    Zuluwolf HackneyWolf
    Do you still have the spare Fulham ticket mate? Be really interested if so. Cheers. Andy
    1. HackneyWolf
      Hey mate! I do at the moment yeah
      Feb 7, 2018
    2. Zuluwolf
      Thanks for coming back to me. I am just waiting on my Dad as he seems to be going so I might be sitting with him. I'll let you know asap. Obviously know I may lose it. If it's easier my email address is Cheers.
      Feb 8, 2018
  8. Ark
    Ark bod101
    Hi Mate, are the guy who started up the forum? I was thinking of setting up one you see for my other passion - snowboarding but wanted to ask some questions. Cheers
  9. JadeWolf
    I've noticed it now says "just doesn't shut up" under my name. You know me too well haha!
  10. Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke
    If anybody has ever heard the phrase 'Singapore Fan Club'...
  11. Coffer Wolf
    Coffer Wolf
    Your right in what you say as far as you go. But basically your wrong.
  12. maws
  13. AngoraBedsock
    AngoraBedsock Bossworld
    Hello are you still selling your Dolry Hifi Stone?
  14. BostonWolf
    BostonWolf iantendo
    Thank you so much Iantendo. Yes. Very much so. Can I meet you before the game to buy the ticket? Or do we need to do something via mail? (I have family in Shrewbury)
  15. Lincs wolf
    Lincs wolf
    Out of darkness cometh light
  16. Houston Lobo
    Houston Lobo Boswell
    Hey mate - would you be interested in doing the graphics for the website of a new supporters club here in Houston? It's a labor of love for me so I couldn't really offer anything other than the experience & a project for your portfolio at this stage. Let me know what you think... Paul
    1. Boswell
      Hi Paul, I'd be up for doing some more designs for sure although I've got a-levels coming up so my schedule's pretty tight ATM with school work etc. What sort of thing were you wanting?
      Jan 10, 2018
    2. Houston Lobo
      Houston Lobo
      Pretty basic really... just a logo plus related versions & imagery to begin with as I plan to keep the website simple at the outset. So it'd be logo versions for Facebook, Twitter & Youtube plus a header graphic for each of those. I have some very crude concepts doodled on the back of some notepaper but there a million miles from your skillset!!
      Jan 10, 2018
  17. astraltrader
    astraltrader PumpKing
    Hi Paul, I have selected the option to follow you as I always find your posts worth reading....
    Should you wish to read mine please feel free to reciprocate.
    Very best wishes,
    Terry [astraltrader]
    1. PumpKing likes this.
  18. Me Babbies
    Me Babbies
    Steve Bull Upper STH (I was there when we were S***)
  19. Rockstar Wolf
    Rockstar Wolf Lincoln-WOLF
    Hi, do you still need a ST number for Barnsley? My mate got mine, so my ST number is available if you want it.
    1. Lincoln-WOLF
      Hi RW. Much appreciated but Kondra has sorted me out now. Thanks for asking though.
      Jan 3, 2018
      Rockstar Wolf likes this.
  20. maws
    Evading a swear filter lol! Thick fingers more like!!!!
  21. northnorfolkwolf
    northnorfolkwolf MDCCCLXXVII
    Hi Matthew, Happy New Year to you too! Great to meet you and your pals on the train; what a night, what a game, still buzzing! I'll look out for you in J4 on my next trip up for the Forest game. Take care, all the best, Chris
    MDCCCLXXVII northnorfolkwolf
    Hey NNW! Happy New Year to you! Great to meet you on the train on Saturday after the Bristol City game! Hope you had a safe journey home! All the best, Matthew Dean
    1. northnorfolkwolf
      Hi Matthew, Happy New Year to you. Great to see you and your pals on the train. What a night, what a game, still buzzing! I'll look out for you in J4 on my next trip up which will be Forest, take care and all the best for 2018, Chris
      Jan 1, 2018
  23. Houston Lobo
    Houston Lobo Barnet Wolves
    Not sure I can start a "Conversation" with you & share my contact details ahead of your Houston visits, but if you can then I'll reply - Paul
    1. Barnet Wolves
      Barnet Wolves
      Hi Paul, my name is Feras (London born exiled Wolves fan), residing in San Francisco. My cell: 650-333-9380.
      Dec 29, 2017
  24. The Fat Bloke
    The Fat Bloke
    Not banned anymore!
  25. Dudleystone
    Dudleystone Vietnam Wolf
    Hi Vietnam wolf, if you still have the 2 tix for the Ipswich game I'll happily take them off your hands. Please let me know. Thanks.
  26. Mile End Wanderer
    Mile End Wanderer
    Ah cool I prefer the Victoria myself... no Mile End station turn right there’s a pub called the rusty bike haha!! See you around guv
  27. David Moyes eyebrows
    David Moyes eyebrows Clifton Wolf
    Hi Clifton, hope I'm doing this right as it's my first pm. Anyway, I'd love to accept your very generous offer if it still stands. I'll send my personal details later if this successfully sends..
    1. Clifton Wolf
      Clifton Wolf
      Yes mate drop me a line and we will get it sorted
      Dec 6, 2017
      David Moyes eyebrows likes this.
  28. Green Wolf
    Green Wolf Mile End Wanderer
    Hi MEW. Do you actually live in Mile End? Just thought I’d ask as I work there.
    1. Mile End Wanderer
      Mile End Wanderer
      Hi yeah on morgan street work in Stratford myself geez don’t tell me your another one that gets in the rusty ;)
      Dec 3, 2017
    2. Green Wolf
      Green Wolf
      Really! I drink in the Morgan Arms most Fridays. Is that what you mean by rusty?
      Dec 8, 2017
  29. Hanbury_Wolf
    Hanbury_Wolf wolvesfcneil
    can you send me a link dude?
  30. ginboomerang
    ginboomerang KenilworthWolf
    Hi, still looking for a ticket for Reading ?

    1. KenilworthWolf
      Got one now! Thanks anyway Mark
      Nov 18, 2017
  31. Pershore-Wolf
    The world is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your's Heaven and Hell
  32. steve vena
    steve vena Chungster
    Hope you don't mind sir but I've started following you from your link to Alex about your music likes. Joy division, magazine , new order , Smith's, eels, clash etc are just a few of my faves.
    I'm steve mate aged 52.
  33. Middlesex Mixer
    Middlesex Mixer northnorfolkwolf
    Thanks again, NNW, for making the ticket available. Right behind the goal. Pity we had an off-day.
  34. crocos
    crocos Still Proud
    What's your link to the game, Still Proud?

  35. Barnsleyarmy
    Blackpool Wolf
  36. Andrew cartwright
    Andrew cartwright northnorfolkwolf
    Hi. Is qpr ticket still available ?
  37. Middlesex Mixer
    Middlesex Mixer northnorfolkwolf
    Sorry NNW I made an error in my last message. My mobile is 07940722920
  38. Middlesex Mixer
    Middlesex Mixer northnorfolkwolf
    Great! Yes I’m going up tomorrow. Am in Steve Bull, but could meet up beforehand (from 1.15 onward) outside the ground? Will have my mobile (07490722920)
  39. Middlesex Mixer
    Middlesex Mixer northnorfolkwolf
    Have you still got that QPR ticket? I know its a long shot but I’d be interested.
    1. northnorfolkwolf
      Yes I have! Are you going tomorrow?
      Oct 20, 2017
  40. Netherton Wolf