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A couple of choice extracts from the report in the Sunday Telegraph

"even if Wolves never make it to the FA Cup Final in May, they will always have this Saturday night as proof of how far the club have come this season."
"The home team came good in the second half when manager Nuno Espírito Santo let his Wolves off the leash"
"Shrewd and ruthless performance"

Can someone please link to any other reports please? (Apologies if this has been done elsewhere)
Guessing that the Sunday Express might feature "Princess Di late appearance as substitute fails to lift United" etc.
I know not everyone loves these, but I do, I thought last night looked fantastic so immense credit to those who organised it and volunteered their time.
Whilst I accept there is no substitute for natural atmosphere, it certainly set the scene superbly.

Credit due..............
Watching the full game back this morning the commentator’s comments were interesting and salient.
In the second half Shaw played the ball up to Rashford .I couldn’t tell at the time and whilst the pictures were inconclusive because of the change of angle elevation he did look offside.
Guy Mowbray said AR’s are encouraged to keep their flags down so it could be reviewed by VAR if a goal is scored .As it happened he was subsequently fouled on the edge of the box.He went on to say if they had scored from the free kick the original decision wouldn’t have been reviewed.
VAR will never be the perfect answer, being reliant on subjective opinion on decisions aswell as how far do you go back in decision making?
Furthermore ,ultimately I want to see the match Referee make the ultimate judgement and not the VAR Official miles away .This is how other countries administer it.On balance the Lindelof decision was probably correct but the arbiter should be the Referee and not the mike in his ear .He should view a pitchside screen in my view ,
I know it's after the Brighton millwall game
Do we even care for a preference??

They will ALL want to avoid us. :)...
As the song goes 'memories, light the corners of my mind'. This season has given us more memories than any other that I can remember. Some off the top of my head include;

  • A creditable 1-1 draw at home to the reigning Premier League champions which showed everyone that we belong here.
  • Not losing in London and beating Spurs at Wembley.
  • Regularly taking points from all the so-called 'big 6'.
  • Jota's goal to send us on the way to beating Chelsea at home and propelling him to start scoring.
  • So many late, late goals.
  • Beating Liverpool in the cup for the second time in two years.
  • 4-3 against Leicester (again).
  • That Moutinho goal at OT.
  • Dismantling of Everton and West Ham.
And now to top it all (to date), humbling of Man Utd to get to our first FA Cup Semi-final in 21 years.
Not too shabby is it and there are still a minimum of 9 matches to play?

For me, football is about memories. I remember the wins against the 'big 6', semi finals and finals of the past and I fully expect a lot of this season will remain with me. Hopefully this is just the start of more and deeper memories.
I went to Wembley for the League Cup Final in 1980, and again for the Sherpa Van in 1988 - even though I was suffering from Glandular Fever at that time. Life changed hugely after that however, and my last trip to Molineux - or indeed any football match - was ten years ago last October.
So now, during the most exciting times we've seen in generations, I find myself on the fringes of all the excitement and anticipation. Or at least having to make the most of it in a different way. I don't have the concern over ticket availability, though I remember it well, and desperately wish I did now. Transport is not a worry. Meeting up with friends not an option.
Yet I watch the televised matches, I listen to everything else, and Nuno and the team bring a glow to my life. I've always been incredibly proud just to be a Wolves fan, but now the pride in what is happening on the pitch, and around the club in general, is tangible too. My friends - generally fans of the main North West clubs - are sitting up and taking notice, and in many cases pleased to see our progress.
A week on Tuesday I'll be spending up to a couple of hours in an MRI scanner. My body will be there, but my mind... my mind will be far away from hospitals, at Molineux, and at Wembley, reliving, dreaming...
My body can and does stop me playing a part in person, but nothing can stop where my mind takes me.
Wolves always.
Sorry for another Man Utd thread, but worried these would get lost in all the threads already created.

Both goals recorded by my son in the South Bank, giving a real fans' perspective of last night! Enjoy!

Jimenez goal:

Jota goal:
Considering we'll potentially be playing this game 4 days before the semi final, do we think Nuno will play a completely different outfield ten (plus Rui) for this game? Something like:


Bennett/Saiss Kilman John

Traore MGW Goncalves Vinagre

Cavaleiro Ennis Costa​