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Now that the dust has settled on Saturday's thrilling match, I thought I would ask the type of match that Wolves' fans prefer.
Do you prefer the type of match that we saw on Saturday with attacks dominating but defences poor? Likely to score a goal whenever we go forwards but equally likely to concede as well.
Or do you prefer the more efficient type of game where we dominate the opposition, control the match, allow them no opportunities but run-out 1 or 2 nil winners. Similar to the Burnley or Bournemouth matches (although Bournemouth did have some chances, I always thought we would win).
Our injury record vs the Prem as a whole:

Ben Dinnery on Twitter

We've suffered 4 injuries in the first 22 fixtures with the next best team in this department having suffered more than twice as many. Our player availability rate is phenomenal and that's a real testament to the team at Compton.
We haven’t got a Nuno thread

‘I saw a lot from the bench’: how Porto’s reserve goalkeeper became manager

Hate to quote that rag but Nuno breaks all barriers
Rumour in Scotland

Pre contract agreement. Thoughts?
Have I missed the mid-season complication videos of all the highlights so far this season?? You know the ones with Mikey Burrows saying things three times over??

The ones last season were great very emotional...
Well that made you click on the link....

....more seriously though....

if we do not sign anyone in January how terrible would that actually be? We all know we need a second striker and an additional wing-back (assuming Jonny is not staying). In all other positions it is about upgrades on what we have and they will not be easy to come by/cheap in January and, depending on where we finish (e.g. unlikely but possible entry into Europe) we may be better waiting to spend money/add to wages in the Summer.

I expect some Mix concerns if we don't sign players but I would prefer waiting than making poor, expensive buys which disrupt the team.

For avoidance of doubt I'd be delighted with a permanent wing-back and a loan/quality striker being added, plus continued investment in U23 youth!
Has signed a new 2.5 yr contract following turning 18.
I'm fully aware of the changes made in the offside rule. However I think one of Brian Cloughs famous quotes still rings true.

"If one of my players is not interfering with play while on the pitch I want to know why"

It was something along those lines.
Looking at Ruben Neves' words about his fellow players on his Sky Sports teammates video got me thinking about the future for Joao Moutinho beyond his current contract. Would not be difficult to imagine him on the coaching team, could be a very big influence on young players coming through in particular.

Been a great signing, his quality is immense and the way he reads the game is top drawer, imagine him coaching our young proteges.

Best player
Joao Moutinho. A very good player, very clever, very intelligent, with a lot of experience. He is very good in training, with all the lads he always tries to help us. He is a very humble guy, trying to help everybody, and it is very important for us to have a player like him.

Ruben Neves - Teammates 2.0: Adama Traore 'quickest player I've ever seen'