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Molineux Mix

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Has he done enough to warrant the position full time? For me it’s a yes, simply because he has done a solid job against Chelsea & UTD. Other thoughts. That Oakish fellow must be really really upset without the addition of his favourite player Bennett:rolleyes:
There we have it!

It's the Hornets standing in our way of a return visit to Wembley on May 18th!
Why don't we get this started? doesn’t matter who finishes 7th because the winner will get the final Europa League place
Advice required please, I can see an online ticket site being my best option for a ticket at wembley, has anyone used these sites? can anyone advise good / bad options??
We had a few bookings last night, were any of them second bookings that would mean missing the semi?
Drawing Man City in the semi finals may be our best chance of beating them and ultimately give us our best opportunity of winning the FA Cup.

When the semi finals are played City will still be competing in three competitions with a difficult CL fixture away at Spurs in the week following. They may well rotate players and priorities the CL over the FA Cup.

However, if we were to meet them in the final they would have completed the PL and know if they were through to the final of the CL. Even if City were in the CL final there is a two week break between the two matches so no need to rest or priorities players.
21 years ago he missed a penalty for Leeds in FA cup quarter final and wolves reached the semi final. Today he does the draw for the semis. Please help us out again JFH
We have put ourselves into position now the cup is in reach and there for the taking let's make sure we grasp it with both hands now and finish the job off