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Molineux Mix

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Was just thinking about how Nuno approaches these 2 games with the Semi Final being the end of that week?

Does he play full strength for both, just one and if so which one?

What would you guys do if you were in Nuno's position?
Most watched programme Saturday night, with approx 4.8m viewers. Expect this to go up with iPlayer / recordings etc added.
Chuffed that we were able to entertain the nation!
Do we throw all our eggs in one basket and concentrate on the cup, as were safe in the Premier League now?
How many tickets have you been asked for?! I’m up to 7 now :rolleyes:
We had a fantastic turn out for the Man Utd game.

Anyone wanting to see what it's like supporting from 10,000 miles away can check out our match day video via YouTube.
Bumped into him this evening in my local, was a bit embarrassed approaching him, didn't want to spoil his quiet pint but the guy is quality, couldn't have been nicer, happy to chat about Wolves, sign his autograph and have a selfie with him. Top bloke
I see online that Liverpool fans are hoping we beat Watford, hoping then that Nuno puts a weak team out against them.

Oh how this club has changed.
I said it on another thread & I've said it before...........these Portuguese lads are bringing so much to us - tough as nails and full of incredible fight and quality.

Our Captain at the helm of course is our Nuno, but Moutinho, Neves, Jota, Patricio, Vinagre, Cav, Costa - just how much happiness have they brought us!

But of course we have massive contributions from a League of Nations - France (Boly), Mexico (Jiminez), Spain (Johnny & Traore), Morocco (Saiss), Ireland (Doc), Belgian (Dendoncker), as well as English lads (Coady, Bennett, and Ruddy).

Every single one has been awesome but you might argue that without the Portuguese core and influence, we wouldn't be where we are. That's not to demean the others as their individual contributions are equal.

But God bless Portugal !! Forever my 2nd national team now.