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For me he can go. if boro came back with the 18 million i,d rip their arm off.
Where are we going to end up playing him?

He’s a been a little lost the couple of times I’ve seen him, tried a few things that haven’t come off & generally I’ve been disappointed barring the odd thing.

I think he needs to watch Jesse Lingard who when on loan at Derby I thought was behind Tom Ince, now Lingard is another level but he’s not really a winger/forward or centre midfielder but he’s a top player.

Could MGW be like a Lingard styled player.
Getting mentioned again - Wolves register transfer interest in exciting midfielder - reports

Looks a busy player....could make a descent understudy/backup to Moutinho. Said to be two-footed and is of a similar height. :)

This is my two week old daughter Emilia, in her Wolves finery for the first time on Saturday morning (that's slightly too big for her!). And clearly she was the reason we won in such an entertaining fashion!

The Wolves (and my) family grows, and the future is looking good ;)

(Thought I'd share it)
With almost two thirds of the matches played -+60% - I feel that the current league table more or less shows the positions the teams would finish in May 2019. In my opinion there are just 3 questions yet to be answered. The table is split into 3 parts:

1. First 6 teams fighting for places in the Champions League all with 40 points and above.
2. Another 6 teams with 30 points and above fighting for 7th place that will enable them to take part in Europa Cup.
3. Last 8 teams with about 20 points or less.

What are therefore the questions yet to be answered:-

1. Who will finish as Champions? Fight is just between 2 maybe 3 - Liverpool; City and
Spurs, but most probably it would be between the first two.

2. in the second bracket there are 6 teams (one of which is Wolves) having 30 to 33
points. From this group the one which will finish 7th, will take part in the Europa Cup.
Who will finish 7th?
3. From the last butch of 8 teams; who will be relegated? I consider that both Fulham
and Huddersfield doomed for relegation. From the other 6 teams, Brighton are almost safe, but I consider that one of the other 5 teams will be relegated; that is one team from Newcastle; Burnley; Crystal Palace; Southampton and Cardiff, with the latter beingthe most promising candidate for the third team to be relegated.

I don't think you need to be a prophet to arrive to such analysis.
To finish 7th would be an amazing achievement in our 1st season back.

It would most likely mean a place in the UEFA cup. This would mean early qualifying rounds in early July.

Do we really want that ? Would it not mess up our pre season or would it be our pre season.

Im not sure it would be a good idea this soon ? or would European footy be helpful in attracting better players ?

Thoughts ????
Spurs fans post regrets over the minutes that they did not sign Moutinho and Man Utd and Liverpool fans are lusting after Neves.

This is just the beginning , 6 months in to Premierleague football and our recruitment is being drooled over.

Jimenez and Jota look to me like we may have a new Dougan and Richards partnership . Now that would put me in seventh heaven .
Then watch those fans turn green .
  1. Raúl Jiménez 7 scored & 5 assists
  2. Diogo Jota 5 scored & 1 assist
Surely we must get some sort of backup for these guys in this transfer window? Nuno has been fairly lucky with injuries so far @ WWFC.
Jota coming back from a fairly minor injury recently. In that period without him we did struggle for goals, with Raul mainly our loan striker.

With the passion, effort, commitment and never say die attitude, we've witnessed these two great players put into their games of late. The chances of one or even both of them getting an injury is a fairly high percentage of chance I feel. From now until the end of the season.
We really would be toothless Wolves without them "at this moment in time".. Especially after Saturday's fab performance's.
Your thoughts Wolves Fans?
Any chance the all angle goals can be posted onto one thread, for those of us that dont do twitter etc, or am i the only one???

unless its already being done.

Just love watching them.