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Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere...

Haven't stopped humming this since Saturday night. A lot of people will say it was an odd choice for the final whistle but that song means a lot to me and I will now associate it with one of my favourite Wolves moments.
Proper dick of the week material here...

We beat Man U because...
Pogba had an eye on the international break and didn't want to get injured and miss out on playing for France. This is what I was told with absolute sincerity by a red scum last night.

Can you believe it, never mind our formation, tactics, team spirit or individual skill... it was because Pogba had an eye on the international break.

These ****heads really are the gift that keep giving.
Not us we’re sorted.

The Search for a Midfielder

Seems that pile of ****e from last weekend may have realised that little old Wolverhampton may have a few decent players after all.

Still makes me smile how our midfield three made pogba and co look like a complete bunch of ****ers.
The best we did in the 70's was top 6-8 in the league, FA Cup semis and of course the League Cup.
Before that, the glory days of the 50's.
So are we back (to the 70s) or on our way back (to the 50's) ?
IMO, change the song - we are back !
10 years ago - City came to the party - wonder when we will arrive. Worth a watch.

So because I don't have a season ticket I usually only get to go to games when I am not working my shifts at game time and my niece can't go.
Regardless I have been to every home fa cup game....Liverpool and Shrewsbury being through my supporter number.
Along with this I have been to u23's games at Molineux as well as Swansea last year and Bristol rovers cup game. And the odd game championship season.

Yet now I'm very confused as my supporter number loyalty points is showing as zero...surely this is wrong?

I know I won't be in the hundreds but surely based on the above and my effort to always try to go to any game I can I should have at least half a ton of points?

Can someone help me out please as I really want to get to Wembley but if this is the case and my niece wants to go (and rightfully so) then I can't make Wembley even though I have been to every fa cup game.

Very frustrating
As we won't be watching Conor playing for England again this weekend, you may want to tune in to Sky on Monday night, as they're showing the Portugal v Serbia game while ITV show the England match. Now which one will you watch live, and which one will you record ??
Some are saying it was the best they have heard, some Wolves mates who go in the Steve Bull say Man Utd fans out-sung us until we scored? Whose right?

We know they have very vocal away fans. I also know that we were very loud sometimes, but was our support that good first half for instance? Was it really as good as Villa last season, or Palace in the Play-Off semi?

Just interested in genuine views. I know our support is very good at present, but just wondered what people made depending on where they were sat?
I believe we avoided any Yellow Cards in the Liverpool and Shrewsbury games but picked up two (Moutinho and MGW) at Bristol and three (Coady, Boly and Neves) against Man Utd. The BBC commentator referred to a couple of Man Utd players who received YCs on Saturday and said they would be suspended for the semi if their club won the game as those players had now received two YCs in this season's FA Cup. Does anyone know the rule on this? Is the slate wiped clean after the semi so clubs can field their best players in the final? I'm a bit concerned that one or more of our players might collect their second yellow of the competition against Watford and be ruled out should we reach the final.