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Molineux Mix

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Has anyone got a link to the football chant which was performed at St Peter's Church a few years ago? Cheers.

On this weeks episode we chat Man Utd, Jimenez, Jota, Donk, Moutinho, Wembley, Semi-Finals, Crystal Maze, Southgate and hidden fridges.

Take a listen:

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Wolves’ FA Cup colours hinge on the flip of a coin

Interesting user comments too. Didn't realize Sir Jack is the one that changed it to a darker, orange colour that most of us younger supporters are familiar with. I'd say the current shade isn't too far off from the Sherpa Van Final colour. Since there's **** all to talk about for two weeks, this will be the most hotly anticipated event until Burnley. :rolleyes:
I was out with some of my non-Wolves supporting friends last night and we got to talking about Saturday's game, and how far we've come as a club since the Fosun takeover. I said that Fosun had paid £30m for us, and as I said it, I thought to myself, surely that can't be right?? It has to be more. Even though that was the figure in my head.

Wolves SOLD: £30m Fosun International takeover deal is complete as Jez Moxey steps down

Hard to believe, that now, less than 3 years on, we're very probably going to pay that much for just one player.
Imagine the freedom behind this, simply deciding to go to the game on the day.
I'll start it off.... my daughter and I will be going as cumulative that's 2
When is Bully gonna get his statue? Maybe after the rebuild? Or will they look to change the stand name? Certainly hope not. He's deserving of every accolade he gets in my opinion and obviously a massive reason we are now reaping the rewards
On around 70 minutes, I'd love to watch it back.

This for me brought home genuinely how far we have come. There was a section in the guardian that described our midfield as 'flitting through Pogba et al like artful dodgers confronted by dull bouncers' but how comfortable the whole team was in possession was the embodiment of a dream I never thought I would see in a Wolves shirt.