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Molineux Mix

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As I understand it Mason has been dropped along with Rowe and are replaced by Henry and Saville.
Of course he may change his mind again but yet further evidence Mr Grey has completely lost it.
If it is true I hope for his sake we don't get rolled over .
I've been a big critic of the club recently but the thought of this team is making me seriously consider getting a season ticket next year.


I know there's a good chance the best ones will be sold or Jackett will pick the wrong ones, but that for me is a top 6 team if ever I've seen one, thoughts?
Don't think this has been mentioned but I see from the BBC Sport site that Liverpool are planning to raise the ticket price from around £50ish to £77 (28% rise) per match next season????!!!!!!
Fans are planning to walk out tomorrow on 77 minutes as a protest.
Prem football is pricing itself out of reach. What average fan can afford these prices (not sure what the ST prices are but assume they will rise in line)?
In time I think many grounds will be half empty as fans take to their armchairs. Football will become like going to a concert - something you do occasionally and for a special treat?
Apologies if already done but couldn't see one.

So as it says, predictions for tomorrows game.

Hoping, or should I say praying, for a better performance than Tuesday but still feel a 3-1 defeat.
Isnt it the Youth Cup 5th round tonight???

Hope that Enobakhare is freed up to play.
Wolves 2 Manchester Utd 1

How good does that look now !!!
.................Please note that us so-called "pant-wetters" are fans too.

Most of us don't raise concern for nothing, maybe some of us (me included) are over-anxious, but we do not raise concern for the sake of it, please remember that.

I feel that we have been criticised since the transfer window two summers ago, then for the lack of strengthening as we pushed for a play off spot, then for the inaction that occurred in the lack of a Sako replacement, then the Stearman saga, even the Afobe sale.

I do feel our concern is fully vindicated by our current position and predicament.

What is a shame is that we are all falling out so badly. We all care so deeply about Wolves. Even if some of us are now boycotting games or packing in being ST holders.