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Interesting to see that Derby voted that Paulo $$$$hope goal away at Man Utd there best goal ever, got me thinking whilst $$$$ed what do posters think was our best goal ever scored was?

You can probably break it down to most important, team goal, individual skill etc but it's a hard call I think...era dependant also.

I don't think we've ever had a thread on it, if you have clips great if not tell us about it & discuss...
Firstly would like to thank those of you who provided enough support for my petition to ask our MPs to do something about the way in which Sky Sports are messing around with the plans, lives and wallets of football supporters up and down the country, to be considered for publication by the great and the good.

Unfortunately they don't deem our request to limit Sky's ability to move any teams games to 5 a season, worthy of debate presumably because unless we're ripping up terraces, going on drunken rampages or raping and $$$$ing on the good people of Reading in the Royal county of Berkshire we don't merit a thought.

I was advised to email Sky Sports customer services instead. Seems democracy is subject to Internet moderation.

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Franksy just said on football phone in that we are after him.
Striker at Bournemouth. Very quick. Similar style player to Dicko.
Not been brilliant at Bournemouth but Dicko wasn't brilliant at Wigan!
Loan bid for Stephen fletcher has been logged and accepted. Player is thinking it over.

I personally doubt he will join. But passing on the info.
Wolves ‏@OfficialWolves 2m2 minutes ago NEWS | Wolves further strengthen development squad as Hakeem Odofin joins from @BarnetFC for an undisclosed fee.

17 y/o, goes into U21 squad

two-and-a-half-year deal with a one year option

That's three academy signings this window now
I saw a post just about 'how the mighty have fallen' referencing us but I have to say the Glory days are long gone, 1979–80 was the last decent Top flight season when we finished 6th in Division 1. I'm 40 and that is the only year in my life time the club has been a proper top flight contender.

I'm sorry to say Wolves are not a big club, we are a md table Championship team, the end
Could well be this.. 4-4-2




Not had an English player like this since Gazza, I love watching him play. So who is the player others on here love to watch these days

By the way can this be a thread without any mention of the 2 M's and KJ,
Sorry if this has come up elsewhere. Pretty decent tickets prices. Anybody know how many tickets we've sold? Or have left? Thanks