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When our illustrious CEO finally one day moves on to a fresh challenge, if he could write his memoirs from his time at Wolves, that is one book I would love to read.

I think we should help 'The Best in the Business' by referencing on this thread some of his quotes, press coverage, etc to make his job of writing that much easier.

Here is my contribution, from way back in December 2000 when Jez was still a fresh faced boy:

"Moxey, who has been at Molineux for just six months, said on local radio on Friday that the transfer of Wolves' leading scorer Ade Akinbiyi to Leicester City for £5m during the summer had been made with [Colin] Lee's full agreement.

Lee, who was listening to the show, not only disagreed but phoned the station to broadcast his version of events. Not only was he adamant he did not agree with the sale of Akinbiyi, but he also criticised the board for not sanctioning his two planned big summer signings - David Burrows and Paul Williams from Coventry City.

The entire article is a good read:
Has Jez Moxey set his Early Bird campaign in motion by planting this story in fans minds? Sounds gooood..

The chief executive said if Wolves could convince any new owner to spend money at the levels seen at Derby and Middlesbrough this season, who have spent roughly £30m each, then the club could perform 'really, really well'.

But actually, at the moment.. there is nothing much to report..

Giving a takeover update, Moxey told the Express & Star that Wolves remained in discussed with some interested parties, but there was nothing of real substance to Report.

Jez also mentions, WE.. seems like he plans to be around for a good bit longer..
It has been alluded to on the blog thread (Fans Parliament-next meeting) but this is the truth of the matter.

The commissioning of a statue for Sir Jack was an idea suggested by Steve Galloway at the last fans Parliament, he felt it would be good gesture if the people of Wolverhampton and the surrounding area helped fund the project to put something back and honour his memory as he was loved by a lot more people than just Wolves fans. Steve with the help of Wolves Community trust and several business and council leaders have put a committee together to organise the fund raise. Rather than the club just putting the statue up, it was felt that people would feel better for helping its erection.

The club felt it was a good way for people to express their personal thanks to Sir Jack and they respect the people behind the idea.

Jez Moxey stated that this statue will be built , come what may, ie they are underwriting it, should the collection fail to meet the cost.

The Committee did the press release to the E&S explaining this and the E&S stated that the club are asking Wolves fans for a £10 for Sir Jack !

They then stood back and watched the reaction !

So cut the club some slack on this one it isn't their fault !
This week's podcast is here as we talk Reading, Transfer rumours, Saville, Early Bird and X-Factor style judging.

Take a listen:
The Bolton Chairman has died from Cancer.Always prominent during their rise and our bitter rivalry.
Hello MM!

I know that there are a lot of other topics on the mind today--ticket prices, ownership begging for money, general disappointment in our current predicament-- but I wanted to properly introduce myself before jumping into the fray. My name is Alex, and I am--sadly, more often than not--an American. I am, however, an avid and usually well informed sports fanatic.

Football, however, eluded me for the first 20 years of my life. Americans hate "soccer," but mostly because they've never actually sat down and watched a game. I really only found a rooting interest in the US National Team. I tried to latch on to local teams, but I found the overall quality of the MLS lacking.

That said, I ran across the Wolves several years ago. I only took up an interest initially because I found it odd that they weren't normally referred to by their city or town as most English clubs are. History fascinates me, and I found myself legitimately enthralled as I sped through over 100 years of Wolves' triumph and tragedy.

Now, as I'm nearing age 30, I am deeply entrenched in my love and support for this club, even though I have never been to a match. Truth told, I have never been to England for that matter.

What I do know is that, despite these dark times; I wake up at 6 in the morning on Saturdays to listen to every Wolves match on Player HD. I hang our flags in my living room. I dress up my toddlers in their full kits and we kick the ball around while we listen intently. Once or twice a month, a match will be broadcast on BeIn Sports and I will watch our boys live, taking in every precious second of it.

I love the Wolves. I can see how much you all do, too. I also echo many of the sentiments I read on this site. I am sad and angry, too. The rash of injuries keeps me in my depression. I too want change. I want our club to be able to step forward and I want Premier League quality players to *want* to kick on and not just see their time here as a stepping...
For me it has to be Mick's celebration after Karl Henry scored that late winner in that 3-2 win V Charlton at the Valley (2008). I think if Mike Tyson was stood in front of him at the time he wouldn't have stood a chance (Mike that is!):D

What about the Afobe money? I'm all for a statue for Sir Jack, but why can't the club afford to pay for it out of the profit it made in recent weeks?
IF and only IF KJ was no longer at the club by the summer we should move heaven and earth to get him here

It's the last paragraph that got my attention..

Rodgers told Sky Sports in January that he hopes to be back in work this summer, although not necessarily in England.
"I am open. It is where I feel I can go in and make a difference: a job that will excite me," he added."It doesn't have to necessarily be at a top club. It can be at home or abroad. It is just about finding the right opportunity, one that will excite me to go in and somewhere I can help make better."

Wasn't he one of KJ's successor at Swansea?. Look what he did there...