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Molineux Mix

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whats the worst playing surface you have seen down the molineux? anything as bad as the baseball ground when they painted the penalty spot?
Has this season proved , once and for all , that no club has a natural level ? And that that term used as a bellwether for this season is an insult. Bournemouth , Swansea , Leicester , even Chelsea and Man Utd , Aston Villa And Newcastle have shown you are only as good as your owner or perhaps your manager. I certainly believe Wolves have a normal range and that is between mid table in this league and midtable in the Premier league . Anything out of that range is unusual . We are in unusual territory now.
The precise words coming out at our neighbour at our nearest and dearest neighbours.

We need some level of assessment at Molineux. Unfortunately the Board think KJ and Cresswell are doing well, KJ and Cresswell think theBoard are doing ok. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy with mediocrity feeding mediocrity.

Who assesses performance? Who is accountable ? Where is the accountability?

Without any accountability there will be no improvement.
Interesting how all of the clubs whose boards have all had poor enough judgement to sign up their clubs with Payday Loan sponsors have all been relegated this season.

To be fair to Bolton they actually listened to their fans objections and reversed the decision. That leaves Moxey and Morgan aligning themselves with the likes of Ashley and Oyston.
Amidst all the fuss regards our money shop sponsorship, which football shirt do people think looks worst ?

I am currently in Manchester for the night at The Midland with the Mrs, with the Man Utd game called off, their fans are everywhere. I have to say the Chevrolet name on their shirt looks $$$$ it really does.

Are there any worse ? Except ours ?
Being completely evacuated.
allan clarke (dirty leeds) writes in the paper today not required in the euros totally agree one good tournament 2004 and they still keep picking him vardy and kane the way forward when he wanted a pay rise at man utd i would have got rid.
Looking at this site;

Is that right? 2 assists and 1 goal? He started very well, but seems to have tailed off. Will be interesting to see if he picks up, or even whether Palace look to move him on to one of the newly promoted sides?
As we dont have the collective sway of protest unlike for example Liverpool (The mass walkout recently) what are your personal favoured options in protest of the current state of affairs at Chateaux Molineux Towers.

I will not purchase a Shirt.

I will only attend a few home games, preferring away day derbies on the lash.

I have unsubscribed from email content but still retain my member/customer number.

Under Messrs Morgan & Moxey we are doomed and primed for failure, its almost as if they are playing poker with us, they hold the best cards we have nothing in hand to play with.

My protest is of personal choice, I WILL return in good faith once those 2 are gone.
His two goals yesterday mean he has scored 50 or more goals in each of the last 6 seasons. 331 goals in his last 312 games. Frightening.

Could he be the physical striker we need to bring the best out of Mason?