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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

Wolves play 2 home 4 away.

Cardiff play 4 home 2 away.

Sheff Utd play 3 home 3 away.

This period will be the catalyst for the remainder of the season, squad players to fulfill the requirements of Manager Nuno.

We have strength in depth, The chasing pack are not so blessed with ready made replacements, Costa returning, Reliable Jack Price, Mirandha and Danny Bathh, Connor Ronan and MGW, with Norris an excellent replacement between the sticks.

We are cherished , we are Wolves
After 18 games played, we have the most points secured by any team going back to 2008.

...and yes you've guessed it, the only team in 10 years to have had a better start than us is... us in 2008.

We had 43 points from 18 games and ended up promoted with 90 from 46.
Show on Sky Sports 1, got a segment on 'The Wolves Way' tonight!

Talking about how we're doing/run apparently.
I'm a fairly new poster but have been reading the forum for a while now, great to see all the opinions of all us supporters! I was just wondering if anybody knew the best way of going about getting a shirt signed, thanks.
Just flicking through Sky and on CNBC (505) interview with Guo Guanchang on now... seems confident with Fosun’s continued growth in first part of interview.
Could we not simply use the old james henry song? Obviously change james henry to bonatini!
Nice and easy as most know it already.
A bloke at work said this morning that when costa left the Leeds full back on his **** the commentator said he left him with his socks twisted so how about this for helder ...
Oh it’s helder costa now ( helder costa )
Twist and shout twist and shout ..
he”ll be running down the wing at you
He”ll twist your socks inside out
You know he twists so good ( twists so good
You know he twists so fine ( twists so fine )
He’s gonna make a fool out of you ,
Cause his skills are sublime !!! Ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh
Oh it’s helder costa now
No it's not a thread about me...

Ricki Herbert is manager is Hamilton Wanderers and they are in my town this weekend as they take on Canterbury United.

Footy is pretty accessible here and I stand on the bank just behind the managers dugouts so I'll try and have a yarn with Ricki at the game and find out what he thinks of wolves season so far.

See if I can get him to dig up some gems from his time at wolves too. Last time I spoke to Ricki was almost 20 years ago time flies :eek:

Hopefully he doesn't call security on me and get me thrown out :D

Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I see that Dave Edwards' book is being released on 7 December.

Sounds like a great stocking filler and Dave will be donating all proceeds from the book to his Little Rascals foundations (top man as always).
I'm pretty sure they will sell out on a Saturday and I think this is a ticket cash game , so can we break the 30k barrier for this one ?