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Molineux Mix

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When Coady moved into midfield, we suddenly started to look threatening yesterday.

The 5 at the back has served us so well, but unfortunately both Doc and Bazza offer very little going forward as they are clearly tired.

We have so much attacking talent but are not maximising it.

I would play Coady at RB, Boly and Bennett in the middle, and take your pick for left back.

Then Neves, Alf, in CM with Jota floating just ahead.

Then Cav on the right, Costa on the left and Afobe up front.

I don't think Nuno will move from his tried and trusted formation, but it looks like we lack bite in the final third.
This season:

Brentford: D 0-0
QPR: L 1-2
Millwall: D 2-2
Fulham: L 0-2

Thank goodness we haven't got any more away matches down there this season!
I would have a guess they too were unhappy especially so then following that up with a Home draw v Preston , time for calmness and a good week on the training ground .

All teams will drop points .
Thought I'd nip in and start the thread before @arctic rime! (Sorry Tony!)

Expecting ticket details for this one to come out this week. Don't forget, it's a 5:30ko, live on Sky Sports! Good Friday, let's hope it's a very good Friday!

So come on, who's going? How you getting there?

Are we expecting the club to do anything (free coaches etc) to try and get us to take as many of us up there as possible?
sorry for being the doom merchant on the latest odds but look at the run in they certainly have easier games than us. We can only afford to lose three more games?? At that price the bookies will get the punters
The cold hard facts are that if we win our 6 home games we WILL be promoted. They are all very winnable and I include Derby. What cannot be underestimated is how important the home support will be. It’s time to pull together, club, players, supporters. We will get the job done with each other’s unwavering and steadfast support, of that I have no doubt
I think we should have kept him until the end of the season. If we had sold him then fair enough to an extent, but loaning him out is just pointless. His versatility would have been very handy right now with Neves suspended, Doherty looking a bit tired and Bright seemingly injured or AWOL. He can cover all of those positions and well.

I’m positive we will go up, but decisions like this have made it harder than it perhaps should have been. I hope Nuno, Thelwell or whoever, learn their lesson from this. The sale of Price also appears to have been badly timed. Wolves should have come first, but I think we have put the aforementioned players’ interests first on this occasion. Very silly.
6 at home & 6 away including SEVEN of the bottom eight .

Let’s not panic just yet , we are in a wonderful position , the home games are vital now and whatever anyone thinks we havent become a bad team overnight and we will get back on track .

You can’t win em all .
Nuno & the coaching team will sort this out I’m sure , they will be furious.

This week will be an interesting weeks training and there will be some tough hours and words spoken , we’ve got to get back on track and beat Reading .
I know here we go again. The driver for this is the constant criticism of Romain Saiss. The theme is central midfield. Yes we all know Neves is a loss but more than that look at how Neves and Saiss, who have been the most used pairing this season, have played together. They both hold a position in front of the back three with only the occasional foray forwards. Now Ndiaye is there there has been a fundamental change. I noticed yesterday how quickly Saiss moves the ball forward at times. It looks like he is not involved but he sees very quickly where to put the ball. O.K. occasionally he screws this up but the intention like Neves is to quickly move the ball on. Alfred's instinct however is to run strongly with the ball which he admittedly does well but this slows the tempo down and leaves the wing backs somewhat exposed. They don't get the ball early enough.

The other thing NDiaye does is join the attack like Edwards did leaving gaps to exploit in midfield. Our strength in a midfield sitting pivot is lost and leaves the back three exposed.
This is a major factor in the recent poor run. Opponents find it easier to press us.
Added to that a nervous goalkeeper is not helping.

We need to keep midfield tight and play the ball quicker. Without Neves that may be difficult. MGW will not fulfill the role so the quicker the Neves/Saiss axis is restored the better for me.

With Leo dropping back into midfield that is how we have played the best this season.
The skillful Costa and NDiaye tend to hold the ball for too long. At our best we move the ball through the team very sharply. We are getting caught in possession far too much lately. Let's start letting the ball do the work again.