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Molineux Mix

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yo lozza

Appreciate I've been on the vino BUT

Can we have some decent choons v Sheff wed, instead of just hi ho and status quo

I'm thinking, in descending order

Wonder of you - elvis (big sing a long Molineux fave)

1988 squad singing 'we're back'

1980 squad 'wolves are gonna win today'

1950s brass band version of 'Happy wanderer'

PWEI Def Con One or Cicciolina (Steve bull remix)

Reef 'oh place your hands' (big wolves fan)

Any more for any more? (Clearly I'd love the liquidator but....)
Thinks grealish’ right leg isn’t worth £20m!!

Sorry but this made laugh. The bloke is deluded.
30 years ago

It might only have been Division 4

But jeez it felt special

30 years later I still love this ****** club

Up the wolves

"Never gonna let you down again"

You lying *******s
there’s going to be a wolves VT for anyone interested.

Our wonder boy features...
Not that it reeeeeally matters but Jota is 3 away from hitting 20 goals in a season with 3 games remaining.

Did you expect him to be top goal scorer?
Will he hit 20?
Did you expect there to be such a share of the goals?

Jota 17
Bonatini 12
Cav 9
Neves 6
Afobe 5
Costa 5
Doherty 4
Douglas 4
Saiss 4
Boly 3
N’Diaye 3
Batth 2
Dicko 2
Enok 2
Bennet 1
Bur 1
Vinagre 1
Wilson 1
my dad came home singing this...

"Boing! Boing! your bouncing off the bottom!"

...and repeat.

Pretty sure it's the hokey kokey song but he denies this... :p

Really could do with another verse, but once you give it a go it's pretty Damn catchy....
Bennett and Cavaleiro out.


Boly Coady Hause

Doc Douglas

Neves Saiss

Jota Afobe Costa

Subs Norris, MGW, Ndiaye, Batth, Bonatini, Bright, Mir
“It would be impossible to avoid the fact he’s had an absolutely stellar year and therefore has rightly positioned himself as a coach with a highly strong calibre."

OK, but WTF does the bold bit actually mean?

Perhaps after shake-gate with Colin, he meant:

"has rightly positioned himself as a coach with a highly-strung character"

The bear hug you don't want

Read more at Laurie Dalrymple: Nuno at Wolves for the long haul
Just seen the new Walkers crisps advert.
Young lad wearing a Wolves scarf, eventually growing into an elderly gentleman, yes you guessed it, wearing a Wolves scarf.

Gary must have choked on his crisps when he had to do the voice over! :D:D:D
Leaving at the end of the season