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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

A game we really want to get something out of, with Colin then up against Leeds tomorrow it has to be seen as an opportunity to reinforce our position.

Having not been totally on the ball with our game of late we need to focus on this and aim to bring it together more forcefully. The only way then is to go in mentally spoiling for a fight like it's a cup KO game....or a rematch v Cardiff. :)

Deliver, and I can see us grabbing all 3 points.

0 – 2.
Hypothetical question....

Let's imagine that we're at this point in the season, with this group of players and playing the 'Nuno way'.... but the results haven't gone our way. Imagine we're on equal points with blooze....

How happy would we be with Nuno and the squad???? Would we be calling for heads to roll or saying we should sit it out until we start to click???

Thankfully we don't have to think like this, but just wondering you know, hypothetically like....
on sky sports on Tuesday. Guess a draw would be best result for us to then top the table on wednesday
I've enjoyed watching other teams bloggers when they visit Molineux. Millwall, Barnsley recently, and Rotherham last season (I'm sure there are others). Does anyone know if we have any? (that are worth watching).
The old dinosaur believes Cardiff and Leeds deserve more credit than us for being at the top. ****er hates us! Hope we ram his words down his throat.
I really get the impression that a lot of people are hoping we fail and are frustrated that we have started well.
Probably some of the same clowns banging on about championship experience.
I don't want to be negative in any way shape or form but I have noticed in the last few games that our wing-backs have played visibly deeper.

It's a big big ask to get up and down that wing week in week out, and wondered if any others had any opinions on it. For me it's key the way we play, that they get forward to support the attacks. If they don't we look really light upfront and lack runners.

Could it be a little bit of overly defensive play leaking back in to our game?

Personally I would say we have struggled to dominate possession as much as we did in the early games giving them less time to advance, maybe a bit more confidence needed in the 3 central defenders left at the back? Or am i off the mark all together which is also a possibility! :D
I wonder why he was sniffing around? It wouldn't be to watch Hamill, I suppose.