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Molineux Mix

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Whats your team of the season so far?


Doc Gomez Van Dijk Robertson

Fernandinho Jorginho Torreira

Silva Hazard Anderson

Not quite sure about the forwards but pretty happy with the others, Torreira and Alisson have made the biggest impressions i think made a massive difference to their teams
Merry Christmas to fellow mixers, Nuno, the players, staff, Jeff and Fosun.
Apologies if someone has already started a similar thread.
Whilst there's plenty of buoyancy on this site heading into Friday, I'm hearing so many views across the media and social platforms on Friday's game about how many they are going to win by, to go 4 points clear of City thus putting daylight between them for the first time this season.

Some even calling it the 'must win' of all 'must wins' - There's even a plethora of their fanbase saying they would've given up the win against Napoli last week for a win at Molineux Friday. Amazing and somewhat refreshing to the ego this side of the fence but I do accept they have been in several Champions League finals in recent history including last season and are approaching 30 years since winning the league so its understandable to a degree.

So, speaking of recent history, I hope the media and the Liverpool fans don't forget the afore-mentioned date in which Manchester United were in a similar, if not better, position as the season was in February then and hadn't lost whilst hot-footing it to Molineux that evening.

BBC Sport - Football - Wolves 2-1 Man Utd

What adds further weight to our claim and something they should also be very wary about is that we were pretty awful that season and if you put Wolves 2018 v Wolves 2011...I'm pretty confident you'd see a 2 or 3 goal winning margin for the former team.

And lets not forget, it was 20th v 1st that night too, not withstanding the fact we even had 4 more points now than we did then!

Dare we dream?
You f**king bet your last shilling on it Mr Liverpudlian.

I've even upgraded myself to First Class travel that evening on the 17.43 from London Euston as I'm harbouring an element of nous that I'll be turning the key into my Kent home at 2am with something to tell the kids when they wake me up four hours later.

If Nuno can dream, so can we....
Apologies if I have missed it elsewhere, but as I have just gotten my head around what "expected goals" means and how they calculate it, I am intrigued to know what our xG was in the Burnley game where we had something daft like ?33? shots, Hart played a blinder, multiple goal line clearances, etc. Thanks in advance.
Both in the short & medium term , they’ve invested incredibly wisely in players and staff and are probably ahead of where they expected to be at this juncture.

The next few windows , particularly next summer are going to be very interesting and should really clarify what they believe is achievable.

I’ve worked with the Chinese and spent a hell of a lot time in the country and one things for sure I don’t think they will accept second best , my view is that we will grow relatively quickly and become a true force again within 5 seasons , hopefully picking up a cup or 2 along the way and competing as we are now for the top 6 .
I assume SM will be there on Friday as a guest of the club , will he be wearing a half & half scarf I wonder ? We’ve certainly moved on a tad since he sold out to Fosun!
Stuart Attwell :eek::eek::eek: