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Molineux Mix

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Nicely tucked in the top half in 9th after a disappointing defeat , bring on Brighton.
Tried buying a ticket for the Arsenal game this morning for my nephew who has 1040 POINTS. Went online at 7am and there was around 200 tickets available but was unable to purchase as i had to wait till 10.00AM. Went online at 9AM and there were 93 tickets left again was unable to purchase but how comes other people with 1040 were? At 9.50 was still unable to purchase infact the Arsenal page went down on the Wolves site. At 10.00 all tickets were sold, i went straight to the phone lines were it took me a futher 35 mins to get through to be told that all tickets are sold. Now been put on a waiting list. Surley something somewhere has gone wrong, just impossible for the true fans to get hold of a ticket, i have to buy mine first as i have full allocation of points but nephew obviously of his age cannot make all the games and have to wait to purchase his but at least give me a fighting chance.
Saturday 19:45 kick off so plenty of time up town beforehand.
High profile team in town with a good noisy away following.
A full house.

A week on Saturday will be electric.
If (and I do say if) we win, it will be a night to remember for Molineux atmosphere.
Another Sheff Wed in cup, 6-4 Rotherham, Villa etc.
Thinking of yesterday looking at the bench and our squad as a whole we only have Traore and Cav to come on/come in and change things and influence games when we may be struggling.
I am not being critical of our squad but it is something that will need to change over subsequent windows.
Defensively/Creatively/Attacking wise we need to add different options to what we have.I am sure it will come but no doubt we will have similar situations this and subsequent seasons when we are on the back foot and chasing.
For me Diogo Jota isn't as the races so far this season , Something isn't clicking for him at the moment , Obviously it's a big step up from Championship to Premier league , He was one of those players you thought would be able to step up , At the moment he's being knocked off the ball easy and where he would shoot last season he seems to hold the ball a bit too long , He's not really creating anything , Maybe it's time to bring Cav into the starting Eleven for Jota and give Diogo a little rest ??
Bit of an inflammatory question, but if we signed Jota this season - would you be content with him starting every game?

I don’t mean to single any player out, but Jota and Costa have not produced enough output this year, especially when you consider they are two forwards.

They have caused problems and provoked defences, most notably Costa, but ultimately I’m a stats man. One assist between them and zero goals are poor returns.

So that begs the question, if we had Cav/Traore through the championship years and we started a newly acquired Diogo in the Prem. Would you be content with his performances?

Are we being blindly loyal?
I can understand letting the opposition have so much possession away from home. Hit them on the break, play to our strengths and all that.
But when we are at home, we should be constantly putting them on the back foot, harassing them into mistakes. But almost every home match the opposition has plenty of time to pass the ball around while we sit back and watch them.
I don't understand it. Yesterday, most of the match was like a training exercise for Watford, passing it about like a friendly!
We aren't we pressing them?
Nuno, you're great but you need to sort this.
we have only scored one 1st half goal all season and that was the 1st game. Obviously something we need to improve on. Obviously are 2nd goal return has been pretty good apart from yesterday