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Molineux Mix

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On 529now speaking about his mental health,
Can you remember your first away game?.............48 years ago today I attended my very first away game at Elland Road. Leeds United. All games kicked off at 3:00pm on a Saturday then.
Leaving early by Don Everall coach from Falkland street car park. Cannot remember much about the game but know we lost 3-0 However, I was hooked and attended every away game I could after that game.

we went on to finish 4th in the league that season qualifying for the UEFA Cup.
PumpKing is saying 16 March. I can't see this anywhere else? Can we use this thread as soon as it's announced as like many I will need to sort out ticket, trains and possibly hotel. Thanks
We're bloody up for the cup!

On this week's episode we chat Bristol City, a dog in a wolves shirt, Cav, Doc, new deals, old stands, Bournemouth and gushing over the side.

Take a listen:

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Come the end of the Season, this is going to be one hell of a decision.

Unless Adama comes storming through on the blind side with 20 goals as our newly defined striker, I'm currently in a mammoth tussle between our "Captain Courageous" Conor Coady, the "sublime" Joao Moutinho, Matt "FA Cup" Doherty, and "Wanderers Number 9", Raul Jimenez.

Everytime I warm towards a particular player, another weighs in with a great performance.
Conor throwing himself in front of the ball, or sending an inch perfect pass to the Doc.
The Doc at Newcastle, Shrewsbury, Bristol, Joao at Wembey and at Bristol (to name just a couple), and Raul with his hold up play and vital goals.
There are other contenders I know, which will make the task even more difficult come May.
Hi all. Yes I’m sorry, this is yet another of those annoying appeals for help.

This appeal is for volunteers to help in the build up to our F.A Cup game against Manchester United on 16th March at Molineux.
As a lot of you know, we have done a number of these projects before and quite a number of you have been incredible with your previous offers of help.

For this particular very important game, I’ve been asked to organise something very, very special, and to make this an occasion that will hopefully live long in all of our memories. Given the resources that have been made available, I have no doubt at all that we will have not seen anything like this before in our long history. I think it will be an experience that none of us will forget in a hurry.

Obviously, with this being a very ambitious project that will take a few weeks of designing and organising, which will also include our amazing new lighting facilities, to make it come to fruition I do need your assistance. I can promise you that after seeing this, and by being an important part of it, you will feel extremely proud to be a Wolves fan.

This help will be needed during the week before the 16th March and can be with whatever time you can put in, from just an hour or two, to longer if you can. The work is easy and very rewarding, as the plan will already have been laid out. You just have to follow very simple design plan instructions.

I can honestly say that so far, everyone who has done this before, has said what a thoroughly enjoyable experience they have had doing it, they have met some fantastic, like minded folk and afterwards they have all asked when can they help with another one. It is also a great opportunity to see the other stands in the stadium that you would not otherwise see, and to experience the quite eerie atmosphere of an empty Molineux.

Wolves always provide an excellent lunch and all day long refreshments, and they are of course extremely grateful. They are also very...
Man City buy stake in third-tier Chinese club Sichuan Jiuniu FC

What's going on??....have they taken a lead with this in our own backyard?

What's our current position with this sort of thing over there.
What a scrap unfolding. If Leeds, Bristol City and Derby all win their games in hand there will be 7 teams within 7 points of each other vying for 2 x auto spots and the 4 play off positions
One team is going to miss out completely and the play offs will be very tasty. Thank goodness we were promoted last year and don;t have to go through any of this stress
Appointed Interim Manager of Eastbourne Borough in the National League South.From the ‘next’ Man Utd Manager to a fill in job in the 6th Tier .