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Telford Wolves

Discussion in 'Supporters Clubs' started by OsloWolf, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. OsloWolf

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    Dec 3, 2009
    FOUNDED 1976
    CLUB MEMBERS: 500+
    CONTACT: Mark Hadley - 07889 590608, email -
    FACEBOOK MEMBERS: 0 (Closed Group - Fans added by Admin)
    FANZINE: Telford Wolves Newsletter

    Club Info

    Telford Wolves is an independent supporters club, formed in 1976.

    It is one of the oldest Wolves supporters clubs in the U.K. - set up to organise travel for Wolves fans in Shropshire, Mid Wales and beyond.

    Telford Wolves takes a supporters bus to every away game, including midweek night games.
    To outposts such as Middlesborough, and has been doing so, unbroken since the club was formed.

    The main activity of the organisation is to provide travel to Wolves away matches, and to organise social events.
    The summer BBQ and End of Season party are not to be missed.
    Membership is free and travel rates are very reasonable.

    Club Travel
    The club enjoys a loyal travelling support but always welcomes new fans to travel with us.
    Our bus always has a pub/lunch stop on route to away games, and we've become well known at certain places due to our patronage!
    We have coach pick ups all around Telford, and if you’re on route to our away destination, we’ll pick you up as well.
    Check the Travel Information page on our website for our regular pick-up spots, times and fixtures.

    Club History

    Telford Wolves was founded in 1976, making us one of the oldest Wolves supporters clubs.
    2016 saw us celebrate our 40th anniversary and we still have original members travelling regularly with us.
    Well over 3000 Wolves fans have travelled with Telford Wolves since formation.

    Club Newsletter
    Telford Wolves Newsletter: Produced and distributed every away trip.
    (Editors: Sam Payne and Joe Williams with contributions from Scott Young)

    Club Badges

    Telford Wolves have their own pin badge.
    A 40th anniversary badge was minted and handed out in 2016.
    The badge features the famous Ironbridge which is also our club logo.

    Club Flags
    Telford Wolves have several large flags.
    At least one of these flags is displayed at every away game.
    One flag was on show at the Wolves Supporters Clubs Parade before the Preston home game on 7th May 2017.

    Membership is free, some basic information is needed for our admin purposes when travelling with us.

    Website Contacts
    Mark Hadley
    Asa Hadley

    Facebook Group / Twitter / Newsletter Contacts
    Facebook Group Admin - Stuart Jones, Mark Hadley
    Twitter Admin and Contact - Stuart Jones
    Newsletter Contact - Sam Payne
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