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Mar 8, 2008
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Living with the Fairies
Self employed Factory owner.

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Just doesn't shut up, from Living with the Fairies

Pumpking Aug 20, 2016

    1. Juwolves
      On other ideas, Molineux through the ages (if 24 could be made from, always thought a decent glossy book could be made on this subject!), changing faces of the programmes, 'magic days' or akin (24 stand outs, ie Honved, League Cups, Sherpa, Play Offs vs Sheff, etc), partnerships (Bull / Mutch, Dougan / Richards, etc). Thanks, Charles
    2. Juwolves
      Hi, Apologies to ask something a bit cheeky, but my dad used to have quite a lot of the cards that Berks was talking about, however the dog (wish I was joking) took exception to them and a few programmes. I see kind request to Berks about looking at stock from previous and would be very interested in trying to build the set back up, happy to pay as needed for any of previous seasons. Thanks, Charles
      1. PumpKing
        Hi Charles
        I'm sure I can make up full sets of everything for you apart from the first run we did of the current players at the time.
        There is no charge as they are always free. I have a team of volunteers outside Wolfies Den by the shop and all around the ground before a game giving out the latest ones.

        I'll certainly keep your ideas to hand, many thanks for that.
        Will be in touch.
        Regards Paul (King)
        Jan 12, 2017
    3. Berks_WWFC
      Thanks for your reply to my Collectors card post in the 'Wolves Memorabilia' thread.
      In regard to this seasons set with Andy Mutch next, I am attending games so happy to collect these on match days to save you posting costs etc... But thank you for your kind offer.

      However if you could please check on the other seasons comments in my original post it would be much appreciated.

      Many Thanks,
      1. PumpKing
        Hi again Matt,
        I'll sort out what I have left, and maybe you could pick them up from one of the volunteers outside Wolfies Den before a game.
        I'll let you know beforehand.
        Regards Paul.
        Jan 12, 2017
    4. de wolf
      de wolf
      Thanks,now for the 3 - 1 win against Fulham lol
    5. WorcesterWulf
      Hi Pumpking, I know this sounds really daft but i'm not sure how you send a PM on MolMix!!!! I am interested in volunteering to help out at the matches. If the opportunity is still available i would love to help out, so if you can help me on the PM front, we can discuss further! Cheers, Matt
    6. PumpKing
    7. HICKO
      Hi Paul, hope you are well. Do you have Jim Fisher's home address as I want to send him a little something for his upcoming wedding. UTW Keep the faith
    8. HICKO
      3 Allée des Clématites, 17200 Saint Sulpice de Royan
      There you go Paul, thanks a bunch UTW
    9. Ercall Wolves
      Ercall Wolves
      Hi PumKing
      Feel very strong about displaying the much spoke about flag at Molineux on Saturday. Please listen to the comments to date which clearly shows early signs of a resounding NO to having it at Molineux on Saturday, there really is no point in it other than to offend many and I would think the vast majority of Wolves fans, pointless
    10. Wulfrunian
    11. Edgmond Wolf
      Edgmond Wolf
      Were you selling flags outside BW today?
    12. wanderer24
      Hi Paul
      I did message you last week to say i wasn't available for the Sheff Utd game but it appears you didn't receive it. Sorry I haven't replied to your texts as I don't have any credit.
      As it stands I am available for the Coventry game and the pre-match item you text about. Hopefully I won't have any more work rota changes but I will let you know if I do.

      Hope this message receives you well.

      Thanks, Ben.
    13. wanderer24
      Hi Paul. Really sorry for the delay in replying to your texts. I have a lot going on this week and didn't want to reply until i could give you a definite answer. Unfortunatey i can't make this Saturday sorry, i have to take my boys to a childrens party.

      Apologies, Ben.
    14. wanderer24
      Hi Paul

      Isn't the Bristol City game away?

    15. wanderer24
      I would be very interested in becoming a volunteer. Please consider me, thanks Ben.
    16. hessonwolf
      Hey im interested in the volunteer post you've mentioned.
      Any clues into what it involves?

    17. PumpKing
      Hi Ben,

      Brilliant. I will contact everyone a week before the game.
      Many thanks. looking forward to meeting up.
      I forgot to mention, you get a tee shirt as well. It`s up to you whether you want to wear it. lol.
      Regards Paul.
      PS if you know anyone else interested I still have a few tickets left.
    18. wanderer24

      That would be fantastic, count me in. Just let me know where and when you need me.

      Thanks very much, Ben.
    19. wanderer24
      I don't know if you have enough people yet but i would like to volunteer please. Hope it's not too late, thanks, Ben.
    20. kinyo298
      Hi PumpKing, i really appreciate your offer but im staying at the Brittania Hotel near the station.Regards Tom
    21. SEKOTN
      Ooops, this was meant to be a PM....
    22. Bromsgrove_Wolf
      pm sent...bgrove
    23. PumpKing
      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.
      Quite right about him being a nutter, great shame that he was usually high on chemicals while playing. Obviously what killed him in the end I`m afraid. Had the great fortune to see him live twice at B`ham town hall and at the Grand in Wolves years ago.
      The youtube videos are amazing especially his solo where at one point he starts slowly and gets quicker and quicker until from the side all you see is a triangular blur of his sticks, incredible.
      My father was a pro drummer with a few big bands back in the fifties. I gave up years ago but used to be in a blues band that mainly were the support band for Slade when they first started. My son, Tim who is W01ves on MM plays a bit in a local band but is more of a guitarist/singer than a drummer. Have you ever played?, obviously you must have wanted to try.

      Anyway thanks for your time in reading this rambling.

      Best regards
    24. buddyrich
    25. PumpKing
      Hi buddy,

      We are in a little group, always shouting and singing trying to wake people up in the B.W. but we are in W7 by the steps. Where are you? cheers.
    26. woolee9
      Alryt PumpKing - are you the little group that stands at the backin WL4 of the BQ? Please reply.
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    Living with the Fairies
    Self employed Factory owner.
    A fanatic but quite old Wolves supporter.

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