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New Profile Posts

  1. Hebburn Wolves
    Hebburn Wolves
    Theres some right cocks on this forum
  2. callumbrown2501
    callumbrown2501 BrummieNick
    Thank you mate - much appreciated. Out of interest, do they ask for many details if you just go into the ticket office and buy a few? Is it just postcode?
    1. BrummieNick
      Well I tried online so far having no luck.
      Jan 19, 2017 at 1:19 PM
  3. callumbrown2501
    callumbrown2501 BrummieNick
    Hiya mate, I don't suppose anyone took you up on your offer of getting Burton tickets for them? I'm after a few myself but not had any luck. I work in Derby so could probably come and pick them up after work one of the days if you did get them, or alternatively meet you on the day and sort you out a couple of beers. Let me know either way please - no worries if you have already sorted them.
    1. BrummieNick
      I've been asked for 4 so far. I'll let you know.
      Jan 18, 2017 at 4:46 PM
  4. Juwolves
    Juwolves PumpKing
    On other ideas, Molineux through the ages (if 24 could be made from, always thought a decent glossy book could be made on this subject!), changing faces of the programmes, 'magic days' or akin (24 stand outs, ie Honved, League Cups, Sherpa, Play Offs vs Sheff, etc), partnerships (Bull / Mutch, Dougan / Richards, etc). Thanks, Charles
  5. Juwolves
    Juwolves PumpKing
    Hi, Apologies to ask something a bit cheeky, but my dad used to have quite a lot of the cards that Berks was talking about, however the dog (wish I was joking) took exception to them and a few programmes. I see kind request to Berks about looking at stock from previous and would be very interested in trying to build the set back up, happy to pay as needed for any of previous seasons. Thanks, Charles
    1. PumpKing
      Hi Charles
      I'm sure I can make up full sets of everything for you apart from the first run we did of the current players at the time.
      There is no charge as they are always free. I have a team of volunteers outside Wolfies Den by the shop and all around the ground before a game giving out the latest ones.

      I'll certainly keep your ideas to hand, many thanks for that.
      Will be in touch.
      Regards Paul (King)
      Jan 12, 2017
  6. Berks_WWFC
    Berks_WWFC PumpKing
    Thanks for your reply to my Collectors card post in the 'Wolves Memorabilia' thread.
    In regard to this seasons set with Andy Mutch next, I am attending games so happy to collect these on match days to save you posting costs etc... But thank you for your kind offer.

    However if you could please check on the other seasons comments in my original post it would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,
    1. PumpKing
      Hi again Matt,
      I'll sort out what I have left, and maybe you could pick them up from one of the volunteers outside Wolfies Den before a game.
      I'll let you know beforehand.
      Regards Paul.
      Jan 12, 2017
  7. Dudleywolf
    Dudleywolf Sedgley Gold N Black
    Are you going to the Combermere first , tomorrow ?
    1. Sedgley Gold N Black
      Sedgley Gold N Black
      I was planning to yeah, assuming everyone else is still?
      Dec 20, 2016
    2. Dudleywolf
      Yep , I will be there for 5pm.
      Dec 20, 2016
  8. de wolf
    de wolf PumpKing
    Thanks,now for the 3 - 1 win against Fulham lol
  9. de wolf
    de wolf FLEET WOLF
    Thanks,now for the 3 - 1 win against Fulham lol
  10. ladywolf
    Also known as the tealady
  11. Huge of Sharjah
    Huge of Sharjah Papper
    Cheers Papper... Take care mate.
  12. WorcesterWulf
    WorcesterWulf PumpKing
    Hi Pumpking, I know this sounds really daft but i'm not sure how you send a PM on MolMix!!!! I am interested in volunteering to help out at the matches. If the opportunity is still available i would love to help out, so if you can help me on the PM front, we can discuss further! Cheers, Matt
  13. Mr E
    Mr E Papper
    I hope you don't mind me contacting directly but I didn't have a chance to clear the issue up so felt it necessary.


    1. Papper
      Hi Joe. No worries.
      Nov 17, 2016
  14. Mr E
    Mr E Papper
    Obviously, I stated that I considered our society to be racist, even if not as overtly so as it used to be, but I didn't say that white people were intrinsically racist. Surely there is a difference between classing a society as racist and every person in it as racist, the latter a position that I didn't take.
  15. Mr E
    Mr E Papper
    I wasn't able to reply to your post on the homophobia thread as, unfortunately, it was closed and, although I appreciated a great deal of the things you said, I take issue with the part where you said, "Yes, you said 'Whites' are intrinsically and hopelessly racist." When I actually said, "There's an obvious unconscious, sometimes conscious, bias towards white, straight males that's deep rooted in our society."
    1. Papper
  16. Bradstonian
    Bradstonian wulfie88
    I recognised that style straight away! I used to enjoy your cartoons in Load of Bull - always funny. This is Nigel (Nige) by the way, and we swapped email many years ago. I run website - and now live up in Scotland. Hope you're well. (I seem to remember you saying you were giving up the cartooning for health reasons.)
  17. maws
    The one with a box on his head
  18. Media Wolf Pete
    Media Wolf Pete
    I'm so bored with the USA
  19. Gavlarr
    Gavlarr kwolf
    Hello mate. Bit random but ive seen you mention that you use the hatherton coaches and i wondered if you had a phone number for them? I want to book for preston away but i dont have facebook and cant find any other way of contacting them for bookings. Cheers mate. Gav
    1. kwolf
      full for preston mate will check with russ before i pass on is moblie number
      Nov 7, 2016
    2. Gavlarr
      Ok mate cheers
      Nov 7, 2016
    3. kwolf
      full for preston mate will check with russ before i pass on is mobile number
      Nov 8, 2016
  20. Oldgold Wolfcub
    Oldgold Wolfcub bod101
    Bod I wanted to start a thread to ask about live streaming but as I know its a sensitive subject I wanted to run it by you first. I see that it looks as if you become a member of bet365 you can watch live streaming so I take it that this must be legal.
    I am not sure of how it works and wanted others' views on this.
  21. Huge of Sharjah
    Huge of Sharjah ManilaWolf
    Hi Manila,

    Currently back in the UK... Whereabouts in Manila are you?
  22. de wolf
    de wolf Edgmond Wolf
    Hi again,thank you for your comment.
  23. de wolf
    de wolf sjonnie
    Thank you,Up the Wolves
  24. de wolf
    de wolf NorthWestWolf
    Thank you . Up the Wolves
  25. de wolf
    de wolf GoldenHorseshoe
    Thank you . Up the Wolves
  26. de wolf
    de wolf RedFlagWolf
    Thank you . Up the Wolves
  27. de wolf
    de wolf Edgmond Wolf
    Thank you . Up the Wolves
  28. de wolf
    de wolf WednesfieldWolf
    Thank you ,Up the Wolves
  29. de wolf
    de wolf groundhogwolf
    Thank you, Up the wolves
  30. astraltrader
    If you love Wolves then we have a great deal in common!
  31. Plymouth Wolf
    Plymouth Wolf Rightside Boy
    Hi Sid. Hope you are well. Any plans for a game in November / early December? Got my ticket for Leeds. Staying at Emma's in Tamworth for the weekend. Sheffield Wednesday appeals to me
  32. astraltrader
    astraltrader NavyWolf
    Hi my friend - out of curiosity do you currently serve or used to serve in the RN??
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  33. OnlyOneLeft
    OnlyOneLeft Sketchead
    Hey mate i was wondering if i could use your membership number for the newcastle away game. Im off tomorrow and dont mind calling the TO. Thanks in advance :D
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  34. Dukinfieldwolves
    Born in the North, raised in the North, watches football in the Black Country
  35. Gold Umbro
    Gold Umbro
    I was a teenage stamp collector.
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  36. WolfinIreland
    WolfinIreland Rhoswolf
    Hi, i was wondering if you still have you supporters number for the Newcastle game? Not 100% sure how to write in private message so writing on here.
  37. robwolf
    robwolf admin1
    I think the site may have been hacked. Anytime im trying to look at the forum im getting phishing attacks
  38. Guzeppi
    Yippi-Ki-Yey Wolfies!
  39. raging bull
  40. Dukinfieldwolves