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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

This team lacks all of them. Birmngham bullied us. Where's the hard man? Where's the player getting in people's faces? Where's the wolves player looking the opposition in the eye and saying "f*** you".
Our squad is full of spineless cowards. Just seen the replay of Kusclak, Shotton and Robinson bossing Bod. Our lot are a bunch of cowards.
Loved by many, feared by few. Bottlers. Discuss!
i know I pick on him but Jesus Christ. Can we shift this jackass back to Fulham please?
His defending for the second goal (turning his back) was a joke.
He's been as useless as he was before since coming back. I honestly despair of our fans who wanted hm back.
Not picking Hause today was a ******* joke.
Please sell up and go.You have been a total disaster I'm afraid.

Absolutely diabolical appointments from top to bottom with Thelwell the highlight.

I'm sure you came into this with the best intentions,but you should be nowhere near a football club of this tradition.

I am totally sick of reckless foreign ownership wrecking clubs at this level.
I know there are a million points to talk about after tonight but looking at the highlights it is clear to me - ikeme cost us this game.

Obviously the first goal was his worst error since Bristol at home 4 years ago but look at davis' shot for the second, nowhere near the corner and 100% saveable, I am sure Burgoyne would not of let in either of those goals.

Ikeme is not No1 standard, his kicking, area dominance, catching is well below par. Apart from the Davis shot, shot stopping is his only plus point.

Lambert won't bring Burgoyne in for the rest of the seasonal as he doesn't have the balls but he should, his Liverpool performance proves that for me.

Not good enough. An FA Cup run shouldn't cloud anyones judgement.
Ok, let's say we scrape up, and FOSUN do a clean sweep in the summer, gone Thelwell, Lambert, the backroom staff, new manager in, so who do you keep to base your side around. Money's not an issue, promotion is the goal

............................New GK

New RB.....New CB.....Hause.....New LB

Costa.....Saiss.....New DM......Cavalaro/Graham


.................... New ST

Is six enough?

The current lot aren't too bad for backup, but would that be promotion winning? We'd need experience for me as well, at least three name players and one a captain.

As for the outs, anyone not above with the exception of Ikeme for backup. That's if anyone wants to buy the dross, or can afford to pay off the nice fat contracts Thelwell's signed his mates up on.
Sort it out, you're all a disgrace.

Thelwell needs replacing.
Rob Edwards needs replacing.
Lambert if he keeps this crap style of football up and then talking absolute drivel post match needs replacing.
Dave Edwards needs replacing.
All our centre midfielders need replacing.
Ikeme, dammit I like him but we need competition for him to keep him sharp or replace him.
Danny just go to villa and do us all a favour.
Stears, I like stears but god damn.

Basically fosun you need to pray we stay up due to other teams being worse than us this season, then sack the entire management and training staff, unload everyone from the playing staff you can and then spend 2 years rebuilding the entire club from the ground up before starting to think about challenging for promotion in 3-4 seasons time.

We need to get rid of the remnants of failure, and not just the players.
Most been here for years now and look at the state of us!
Seem to be a nice cosy club where players play week after week despite poor performances for two years now.
Take tonight for example. Six players that played in league one still playing for us.
Why? Time for a clean sweep of the coaching staff I think along with Thelwell.