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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

The more I think back on yesterdays game and dire performance the more it annoys me.

Usually after a defeat I can try and take some positives from the game/performance. Certain players have played well, Wolves had some undeserved bad luck or the opposition had some very good luck but other that the performance of Costa I really cannot think of much else to be positive about.

After two very good performabces against Stoke and Villa it was if yesterdays team was totally different, didn't know each other and went out without really knowing what to do. No cohesion or consistency and this was virtually throughout the whole side.

At this time I still have no idea why Coady was dropped in place of Iorfa, why Williamson is no longer featuring, why Wolves ended the game yesterday with short strikers yet still hoofed the ball as opposed to playing into feet. Hopefully he will have good reason but if not then he really has to accept some of the blame for that truly abysmal performance. A team needs to play to its strengths and this was not the case.

Yes this could have maybe gone on the verdict thread but that's about the performance and this thread is about Lambert who yesterday got it wrong. I have read an article today whereby he says the teams effort was faultless. Well I don't know what game he was watching and have to wonder if he forget he was Wolves manager and that of Norwich still because two of his starting 11 put in less effort than I did sitting in the back seat of my mates car travelling to the game.
Just something I've needed to get off my chest for a couple of years.

It bugs me every time I hear people slagging off Jamie O'Hara for whatever reasons like he should owe us something?

I think people are forgetting the time he was attacked and hounded by wolves fans after we lost to Blackburn I think was it??

He was with his partner and young son at the time, and was disgusting how wolves fans behaved, so he did a money gesture after the Brighton game, big deal, I think after what some wolves fans did, I'm sure most of us would do a lot worse.

So I think we should put things into perspective at times.
I see Villa are looking to sign Hourihane for £1m ( which seems reasonable ) and £30k a week ( which does not! ).

Presumably - this is only going to continue - be it Villa, Newcastle or any of the relegated clubs come the Summer? Derby are not going to give up, and others ( Fulham, Wednesday ) seem to be willing to spend. Even Blues are trying to appease the fans following the Rowett out/Zola in fiasco. The Hourihane deal - some might say that is now the going rate?

In essence what do we do in the Summer? Should Fosun give Lambert £20m - £30m? Or should we build the side around Iorfa, Hause, Evans, Ronan, Cav, Gibbs-White, Herc and Ennis and look to add two or three more experienced heads accepting promotion is unlikely and a top six spot should be the target for the next few seasons?

We could conceivably spend £30m in the Summer and still be behind the 'big boys'. Whichever way you look at it - there is no silver bullet. The other problem is - to all extents and purposes - are we that attractive? If we went toe to toe with Leeds or Villa ( or Brighton, Fulham or Derby ) and offered the exact same terms to somebody like Hourihane I doubt they would come here.

I think Fosun paid £700m for Club Med, over 15 times what they paid for us. Clearly they have the money to spend. There is the option of simply buying our way out - obviously you would have to be unafraid to lose a few quid and stick two fingers up at the FFP legislation. But I'm not sure it is realistic to 'organically grow' in this league if they want to be in the PL asap. For one thing, any player who was decent for over a season would be picked up by a PL team ( see Afobe, Sako ).

Our wildcard was our enhanced relationship with Mendes. We all know Cav and Costa ( and maybe Saiss ) are better players than we could 'usually' get. Obviously there will be failures if we choose that road ( John, Tex ). Some clubs have clearly benefitted from being on the Mendes carousel. For others it has not gone so...
This is what I would go with.


Coady Williamson Hause Doherty

Evans Saville


Costa Bod Wiemann

Subs Lonergan/Burgoyne, Stearman, ,Price, Edwards, Cavaleiro, Dicko, Bright
Ikeme speaks out... truthful but I hope it doesn't land him in more trouble questioning the decision and the player (even if right)
Very dissapointed with the teams performance yesterday. Cavaliero and Iorfa looked lethargic and slow. Price seemed to do a lot of pointing but failed to pick up any Norwich midfielder who must of enjoyed the amount of space they had to play in. Even in posession Price failed to have any positive impact on the game. Edwards huffed and puffed and done pretty much what he does but when chasing around after the ball with 3 Norwich midfielders knocking it around with ease it was a thankless task.
We could and probably should of been 2 or 3 down before we equalised and been out the game. But somehow we enjoyed 10 mins getting on top after our penalty. We upped our energy and passed the ball better and i felt we would go on and win the game although Norwich still offered a threat. Couldnt see what happened for their penalty but watching it on highlights its obvious to me the ref was looking to even the penalty count up and with what followed gave us no chance of getting back in the game as we struggled to create anything with 11 men let alone 10 and the game fizzled out as Norwich looked more and more confident. Glad to see Batth go up front towards the end looking for an equaliser shows Lamberts positive approach.
Hope this was just a bad day at the office.
Hahaha...Villa fans were spot on. PL actually said it after today's defeat:

.."We're a young team aspiring to get out the league. We got beat, but we'll go again".
Although disappointed with a defeat today I'm not overly worried. In fact I've been kind of looking ahead to next season for a while.
After all the euphoria of last summer with the takeover and Wolves finally spending abit of money. I think the new owners where a little naïve. Maybe thought it would be abit easier than its been.
But it is a learning curve. And hopefully a settled summer will benefit the club. I think we will have enough to stay up and that to me is now the main thing.
I think we have a decent manager now. And hopefully a good summer on the training ground. And 2 or 3 additions to the squad of genuine quality and I feel quite positive.
Stop Press [I think].

The 4th round cup-tie between Liverpool -v- Wolves will be televised next Saturday at 12 pm on BT Sport 2 [channel 414].

Great news for the few of us who have BT although not so good for others.

Sadly it looks very much like we will not be seeing Ikeme in action!
Ok first is first. To all you who got a ticket have a fantastic day. To all of us Members who didn't manage it and anyone else who didn't either what's the plan. Me and me mate both members already bought our train ticket but no match ticket. I am in no way after spending 45 years of supporting my great club giving up on the day. So all those in the same boat or anyone who is just going to go anyway and has my same mentality....where we all drinking. Its a great city regardless of the accent so lets have a plan and a loff. If anyone does cop mon flu between now and the time of the game I will take your ticket of your hands.