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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

Not the bit about Lambert but right at the bottom they are claiming that Mendes wants to sell Costa.
Heard this but not saying true - just sharing what I heard .
At about 730 pm Paul Lambert has left wolves after a very long few days.Not sure of the circumstances ( if he left or was sacked) . No mention of Thelwell or Edwards .
Don't shoot the messenger
It occurred to me when reading the "Fosun Way" thread that we may have this relationship the wrong way round.

Consider you are Jorge Mendes and after a very successful 20 years building your award winning agency would really like to have a real stake in your own club preferably an English one. You've been around clubs long enough to know how they operate and have big ideas about how you could transform the way a club could be run. Your association with clubs in your network is limited because although you have a symbiont relationship with them you have no real stake, and you can't as an agent.

So you need a partner in this, some form of venture capitalist that is looking to get into the game. You approach Fosun with your ideas and as part of the negotiations you formalise the relationship by selling them a share of your successful company, which doesn't need any injection of capital. You don't need their money but you do need a formal stake in their business that is more that just a good personal relationship.

You then identify potential clubs, a potential head coach and a list of players. Fosun do the transaction and buy the club on the eve of a season, too late to implement radical changes and you've been hampered by the loss of your identified head coach to a national job.

You take the season to assess the culture and strengths and weaknesses of the club and remotely plan the future with Fosun. When Fosun's appointed Main Director starts to discuss this with the club he finds it's a future the incumbent head coach doesn't want to buy into him being more of a traditionalist manager. So before you can start you now have to find a new head coach that you feel can deliver your vision.

I am coming to the conclusion that this project wasn't crafted in the Head Office of Fosun, more likely in Jorge's offices in Lisbon. I think we are actually a Gestifute Project, but sssh we can't let on.
Danny Batth

Irrespective of peoples views on Danny's abilities as a footballer I think he should be praised for this.
Hi guys, this last few weeks, since the now infamous 'we don't want to be on a roller coaster' speech by LD has been nothing more than ... well a roller coaster! Albeit a virtual one, but what it has done is open our eyes more to what our owners are all about.

I feel that we have to accept that the club is now very very different to what it's previously been, and what we know. The owners don't know football, so invested in Gestifute as their advisers in the game.

Let's not make any bones about it, Jorge Mendes and his organisation in practical terms call the shots and in all but name own the club. Irrespective of whoever the coach may be Gestifute and Mendes are the force behind it all. Lambert was never going to be able to call the shots in terms of signings, and neither will any other Head Coach.

Lambert was a knee jerk reaction to steady the ship when Zenga wasn't working out, and in a sense it did work. In reality I think Fosun/Gestifute only ever saw Lambert as a stop gap.

The sooner this new model is accepted and embraced then the more successful the team will be I believe.

People are very sceptical of Mendes, me included. Let's not forget though that he has more contacts and player influence than probably any other agent in the game. This gives us a key advantage compared to other clubs that we compete with. I believe all of those other clubs would love to have Mendes pulling the strings.
So if as expected Nuno joins up with us in the next few days, he will have 3/4 weeks before the players come back for pre-season.

I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing and I don't think it will take him long to assess the state of the squad, but what advice would you give him to get started?

Who would you recommend he bin/keep? In what positions should he target new players? Who should he build the team around? Which young players should he be looking at? Any traps he should avoid?
Where have those 14 years gone? Three promotions and three relegations, nine managers, three owners and still in the Championship! Still it was a cracking day.

Hause & Iorfa with England u21's on a pre-Euros training camp.
Evans & Edwards with Wales' training squad.
Jack Ruddy with Scotland u20's playing the Toulon Tournament.

I think we might have a few more in the younger age groups as well.

Special congratulations to Evans who's included in Wales' senior squad for the first time!
The EFL has agreed two major deals for its national radio rights.
Three-year agreements with talkSPORT and the BBC have been signed to secure high-profile broadcast platforms for all EFL clubs for the 2017/18 season onwards.

talkSPORT have secured exclusive live commentary rights across the Sky Bet EFL and Sky Bet Play-Offs as well as non-exclusive rights to the Carabao Cup, which they will share with the BBC.

Both outlets will have the ability to broadcast score flash updates across all three EFL Sky Bet divisions, the Carabao Cup and the Checkatrade Trophy.

The agreement represents a significant increase on the combined rights fee in comparison to the existing arrangements and includes additional non-exclusive elements, ensuring that both broadcasters will be able to promote the EFL, its clubs, competitions and partners.