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Molineux Mix

Unofficial Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wolves Forum. Molineux mix gives wolves fans the premier league of fans sites to air your views and opinions as well as all the latest wolves news, player transfers and gossip.

It seems that most of our players who have been loaned out do not seem to get much or any game time with their adopted club.
This raises two issues for me.
Firstly are we pitching them at the right level?
Second if these players are not considered good enough to play are they going to be good enough to play at a higher level for us? Deslandes seems to be an obvious one and from what I read the other day is not featuring for Bury. Several over the last season or so have played for clubs even at lower levels and not featured.
This to me seems okayish if they are on their way out but a waste if we want them to gain experience to enhance their chances with us.
A question that is subjective depending on you age but do you believe or think you will ever see Wolves back in the PL, if so will you ever see them win it and will they win the FA cup or what was the league cup?

I think there's a good possibility of reaching the PL again and once there with a better squad the winning of a cup competition more likely but I'm 57 now and not sure I'll ever see Wolves win the PL title.

A real time of change, shame it never really worked out as the grand vision to put us back at the top of the game had it down as.
Anyone else watch this last night? All credit to Rio, he's dealing with a tragic situation, and I thought he came across really well.
There wasn't much fuss made about this in the media yesterday but France vs Spain was the first time a TMO was used in football, and it worked. Griezmann's goal was correctly ruled offside and Deulofeu's goal correctly ruled onside, without any lengthy stoppages. Isn't it scheduled to be trialled in one of the cups next season?
Obviously I mean in a realistic sense.

What one player and during what time, did you want Wolves to sign? Perhaps to fill a glaringly obvious void, or purely because you always rated them as a player.

Mine would be Neil Redfearn. I always liked him during his Barnsley days. A rock solid, goal scoring midfielder with a great set piece.

I also hated playing against David Johnson. He was an eternal nuisance, and a quality striker at this level.
Absolutely top quality interview on WM tonight, I usually give WM a wide berth, caught Steve's interview by mistake, didn't realise that his football career ended when he was just 27. He loved his time at the Wolves, and worshipped Graham Taylor. Came across as a very genuine bloke who loved playing football and was grateful for everything the game gave him.
Currently 0-2 up at half time, who scored the goals?..

Donovan Wilson.